Monday 21 January, 2019

As India becomes wealthier, more Indians leave its shores

File photo for representative purpose only. By Tish Sanghera Mumbai, Nov 21 (IndiaSpend/IANS) As India has become wealthier, more of its citizens are leaving its shores. An estimated 17 million Indians were living abroad in 2017, making [...]

“It is essential that we all exercise our vote”

By Dr. Mathew Joys and Anil Augustine It’s a truth that whatever perspectives written (pro, neutral or anti) pertaining to President Trump attracts herculean trolls in mass-media platforms irrespective of the doctrine-schools of these platforms! Indian [...]

Why we American immigrants should vote

Representative image. Photo courtesy: Georgia State Senator-elect Sheikh Rahman’s Facebook page. By Dr. Mathew Joys and Anil Augustine It’s so relieving that in the US there are only two political parties with real federal representation, [...]

#MeToo calls out small fries, leaving filmworld’s big guns untouched

By Subhash K. Jha Thanks to one doughty damsel in distress, Bollywood and India have found their #MeToo voice. And about time too. I don’t know where this naming and shaming will stop. But predatory behavior will now be very controlled, [...]

From lawyers to B-town, #MeToo gets strong support from all quarters

New Delhi, Oct 13 (IANS) From two Mumbai-based lawyers volunteering to provide legal aid to victims of sexual harassment and assault, to Bollywood personalities like Swara Bhasker and Malaika Arora coming out in the open to support women who [...]

Angry Indian women say #MeToo with a vengeance

New Delhi, Oct 7 (IANS) Call it a bonfire of the vanities or an all-consuming sacrificial havan. But the “MeToo” flames now sweeping across social media have turned into a cleansing firestorm, burning holes in carefully honed public [...]

World Hindu Congress: A message of unity anew, 125 years after Vivekananda’s speech

By Ashok Easwaran Chicago, Aug 28 (IANS) A century-and-a-quarter after Swami Vivekananda’s rousing speech to the World Parliament of Religions here in 1893, the World Hindu Congress has declared its objective to re-connect the 1.1 billion [...]

The great divide: How inclusive growth still eludes India

Photo courtesy: Isha Foundation By Amit Kapoor Inequality and lack of access to public goods and services has been the bane of Indian society for centuries. But never has it been as stark as it is today, with 10 per cent of India’s [...]

Vajpayee: A man of moderation who raised India’s global stature

New Delhi, Aug 16 (IANS) He was a man of moderation in a fraternity of jingoistic nationalists; a peace visionary in a region riven by religious animosity; and a man who believed in India’s destiny and was ready to fight for it. Former [...]

Paving the way towards prosperity with global migration

BY AMIT KAPOOR Last month, after more than a year of intense negotiations, United Nation member states, except US and Hungary, agreed on the first-ever Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration. The pact aims to address the challenges [...]