Thursday 30 March, 2017

Tribute to Atlanta Naari

BY DIVYA DESAI* Introducing our new series, ‘Tribute to Atlanta Naari’, a photographic ode to Atlanta women. They are mothers and wives, sisters and daughters. They are successful professionals and strong role models. They lead with their [...]

You hurt my feelings, now make me a millionaire

By Nury Vittachi Emotional distress is when you make a sarcastic comment on Facebook and every single friend thinks that’s what you really think, and when you later point out that you don’t actually advocate eating the unemployed [...]

Eat your spoon and save the world

BY SUPRIYA D.G. Atlanta, GA, February 2, 2017: When Grade 1 students at Henderson Mill Elementary School,Atlanta, a STEM certified school, contacted the creator of edible cutlery for a project, they were bridging the gap between education and [...]

An Atlanta wildlife photographer’s memorable Kenyan adventure

BY MAHADEV DESAI Photos by G.V. Rao* Atlanta’s G.V. Rao, a passionate photographer, especially of nature and wildlife, loves visiting Africa. He enjoyed his previous trips to Kenya and Tanzania in 2011 and to Botswana in 2015 so much that [...]

In rich New York, Mother Teresa’s sisters serve its poorest

Sister Regipaul, a native of Thrissur in Kerala, heads Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity convent in New York’s South Bronx, the poorest area of the United States with a segregated population of African Americans and Latinos. [...]

Senior Essays: Growing up Indian in America

Atlanta, GA, July 14: Last month, we asked Indian-American teens to submit an essay on the topic, ‘Growing up Indian in America’. We had a great response from our young talents. “It was good to see the perspectives of these youngsters,” [...]

Winning Essays: Growing Up Indian In America

Atlanta, GA, July 14: Last month, we asked Indian-American teens to submit an essay on the topic, ‘Growing up Indian in America’. We had a total of 15 submissions; seven in the senior age group (16-18 years) and eight in the junior group [...]

Pramila Jayapal: One woman’s journey to rewrite history

BY SUPRIYA D G Washington State Senator Pramila Jayapal at a glance 2014 Incumbent from 37th Legislature *Running for US Congress from Washington’s 7th District *Endorsed by Bernie Sanders  *Founder & Director of One America, a pro-immigration [...]

The man who popularized yoga in America died with India on his lips

By M.R. Narayan Swamy On June 21, when the world celebrates the International Yoga Day for a second year in running, yoga enthusiasts around the world must remember Paramhansa Yogananda, who did more than anyone else to take the ancient science [...]

Indian regional cuisines becoming popular in America: Chef Vikas Khanna

New Delhi, May 26 (IANS) Be it delicacies from Kashmir or the northeast, Michelin-starred chef Vikas Khanna says regional Indian cuisine is being increasingly lapped up in the US. The Indian chef, based in New York, believes that the main reason [...]