Thursday 30 March, 2017

Eating peanuts may prevent heart attack

New York, March 30 (IANS) Eating peanuts with a meal may help protect against cardiovascular diseases such as heart attacks and stroke, an international team of researchers has found. After a meal, there is a spike in blood lipids, and triglycerides [...]

How to Reduce Blood Pressure Naturally

BY DR. PANCHAJANYA PAUL, MD* High Blood Pressure or Hypertension is a condition when the blood pressure in the arteries remains elevated over time. Hypertension is a serious medical condition. Persistent blood pressure above 140/90 mm Hg is [...]

How much sleep does one need?

BY DR.PANCHAJANYA PAUL, MD* Sleep, along with nutrition and exercise, constitute the three pillars of good health. We spend about a third of our life in sleep. Our requirement varies based on our age, health and work requirement. The American [...]

Drinking whole-fat milk may make kids leaner

Toronto, Nov 17 (IANS) Struggling to reduce obesity in your kid? Opt for whole milk. A new study shows drinking whole milk may make kids leaner and increase their vitamin D levels, in comparison to low-fat or skimmed milk. In the study, children [...]

Is the Indian vegetarian diet deficient in protein?

BY DR. PANCHAJANYA PAUL, MD* A big number of Indians are vegetarians. As the Indian diaspora has spread around the globe, many have carried their culture including vegetarianism with them. Atlanta has a large Indian vegetarian population. We [...]

Five stages of crisis response to loss (including election loss)

BY NIK NIKAM, MD Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, a nurse, in her book, “The Death and Dying,” explains five stages of human responses or reactions to a calamity in life like losing an election, losing a family member, a serious accident, or diagnosis [...]

Natural compound can reduce signs of ageing: Study

New York, Oct 30 (IANS) Supplements of a natural compound can compensate the human body for the loss of energy production, and reduce the typical signs of ageing, a study has found. With age, the body structure loses its capacity to make a [...]

Heart failure not as life-threatening as heart attack: Experts

New Delhi, Oct 13 (IANS) Heart failure may be a serious health hazard but not life-threatening like a heart attack, health experts say. “Heart failure refers to the heart’s inability to circulate blood through the body. Blood flow [...]

Is too much sitting killing Indian Americans?

Are you having problems sleeping at night, controlling your weight, or managing your blood sugar, pressure, or cholesterol? Do you feel tired and listless at work? If you are a white collar worker, you are probably sitting too much and for [...]

Researchers find answer to hair loss in existing drug

New York, Sep 23 (IANS) In a ray of hope for people with alopecia areata — an autoimmune disease that causes patchy, and sometimes total hair loss – researchers have found promise in a drug which is already approved for treating [...]