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Global Mall: Promoting Community Spirit

The Global Mall has become a nerve center for Metro Atlanta's Indian-American community who come to here to attend birthdays, weddings, seminars and cultural programs… - Narender Reddy

“I feel that the mall is a true ‘India Center’" – Dr. Ravi Sarma

“I have observed Global Mall since its founding in 2001. The management has consistently focused on its long term objectives.” – Dr. Narsi Narasimhan.


The Indian Diaspora is a complex culture – you simply have to live it to understand it, no questions asked. While nuclear families are on the rise, parents and relatives’ even neighbors and friends still feel entitled to impose or at the least suggest their opinions about your life decisions. No matter which part of India we are from, the one thing that seems to be common amongst us all is that we love to keep the heritage alive through gatherings, be it arranging a pooja or decking ourselves in our traditional wear complete with gold and diamonds sets we own. All this would be great at home but what if you felt like meeting a friend or family member outside your home and get some groceries wearing a saree or salwar and not feel conscious about it, what do you do? Get out that latent salwar; deck yourself with anything your heart desires and head to the Global Mall, a dream child of Shiv Aggarwal, where you can be as South Asian as you please without ever wondering if anyone is staring at your bright clothing or exquisite jewelry.

Dr. Ravi Sarma, president of Hindu Temple of Atlanta reflects “I have known the building that is now Global Mall for the past 20 plus years. I remember it when it was a European furniture store and later on an antique market before it went bankrupt. When I heard that Aggarwal purchased the property and was going to open it as an indoor Indian-American (or Asian) Mall, I was very happy. I have been a frequent visitor to the mall both as a customer as well as one who visits the Shiv Mandir as a devotee. It is also a place for people to meet and transact business, a business meeting place. I feel that it is a true "India Center".

“Global Mall as a shopping centre and mainly a community hub,” Aggarwal describes. Sitting on a sprawling 220,000 sq. ft area, with over 750 parking slots, this is no regular shopping experience. The Indian shopping areas in US which are generally synonymous with dirt and unclean conditions was not acceptable to the Global Mall visionary. Aggarwal created a clean center which provides all the amenities of a regular mall, caters to a global shopper in general, Indian in particular and brings the community together. The ideal location of the mall is an added bonus.

Prominent realtor and Republican activist Narender Reddy, in agreement says “In the beginning it was only few Indian stores at Global Mall. Now it has become a nerve center for Metro Atlanta's Indian-American community who come to Global Mall to attend birthdays, weddings, seminars and cultural programs. It is not uncommon to see business people meeting over lunches/dinners at the mall’s food court and making deals. The location is so ideal for the majority of our community that its' success was always a foregone conclusion. For a long time, Atlanta's Indian-American community was longing to have an elegant place where one could shop, dine and attend entertainment events without having to drive from place to place. Global Mall filed that void superbly.” He concludes by wishing the Global Mall continued success.

The Global Mall, which initially anchored a few Indian stores, has come a long way. It is now certainly a one stop shop for everything you need to get done. The various shopping options range from clothing, jewelry, photography, frames and picture stores, salons, furniture store, groceries and rug stores. The services at the mall include computer Ed institute, news office and entertainment promoters, travel agents, Indian music and dance schools, A TV Asia news office, Global and Kumon Math tutoring schools, nursing school, a banquet facility, massage center, dental care, driving school, alternative healing centre, a broadcasting station and yoga. There is an audio video store for your Bollywood cravings too. To keep your taste buds engaged, the food court offers an array of assorted restaurants to select from – South and North Indian, chaat, the unique Hot Million pizza, Indo-Chinese and a kabob and wrap place. There is also a full service ala carte on the first floor. The Shiv Mandir regularly conducts certain poojas on certain days of the weeks, holds spiritual and religious discourses from time to time, and observes all festivals giving people an opportunity to never feel far from the culture and take pride in the keeping traditions alive in a foreign land.

Since its inception in 2001, the Global Mall has treaded a progressive path in all aspects of its development. The pride owner always finds innovative ways to maintain and improve its growth. It is not only a place where communities come together, but also serves as a center for business meetings and luncheons.

Dr. Narsi Narasimhan, President, Georgia Indo-American Chamber of Commerce ( and CEO of Paalam, Inc says “My office is located in Plaza 85 Business Park, right behind Global Mall. I have been working out of the facility for more than four years. I find Global Mall to be a great place to take my business contacts for lunch, either upstairs at the food court area, or at the formal dining at Ashiana Indian restaurant. I have observed Global Mall since its founding in 2001. The management has consistently focussed on its long term objectives. In spite of the slow down in retail sector following the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, and the usual ups and downs of the retail sector, they have constantly improved the premises. The entire area has improved tremendously due to the constant improvements made to Global Mall. I commend its President Mr. Shiv Aggarwal for his active role in Gwinnett Village CID project as well as for his active support of various Indian community gatherings at his facility, thus making Global Mall the centroid of the Indian community in Metro Atlanta.”

A Movie Theatre is the works and will soon be part of the Global Mall. A community bank and a national retailer are some of the future options at the mall, Aggarwal tells us.

Initially attractive mainly to the Indian population, the Global Mall is now drawing attention from American, African American, Hispanic and Oriental communities true to its literal meaning. The Mall offers a home away from home for South Asians and provides an opportunity for others to enjoy and experience the culture. This in itself is an achievement of the mall. Bringing cultures, communities together though is never simple, but can be done with baby steps like these. To be far from home and embracing a different lifestyle can take its toll on people. Most people crave to just belong somewhere and the Global Mall offers the opportunity to feel that way. So here’s wishing this novel, refreshing and a successful shopping cum community center all the very best in all future endeavors.



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