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Mahayajnya Performed For World Unity At Atlanta Vedic Temple

For the benefit of Unity and the resulting Peace, Harmony and Prosperity in the world, the “Greater Atlanta Vedic Temple” performed Mahayajnya / Havan (wherein we make purifying offerings to the sacred fire for mental and physical well-being. Havan has two-fold significance – spiritual and materialistic) with recitation of AtharvaVeda hymns, on April 27, 2008. Even the nature, possibly knowing the holy cause of the function, helped the occasion by providing the welcome rain to clean the air and ground, and then blessed the place with bright sunshine, at the start of program.

The function started with the unfurling of the AUM flag accompanied by patriotic Vedic songs. The crowd, now charged up by the glorious bhajans (Devotional Songs), gathered around each of the 31 havankunds (The pot, in which Hawan is performed), to perform the main event of the program. The invited chief guests Dr. Dilip Vedalankar from Chicago and Dr. Sahadeo Hariprasad guided all 31 simultaneous havans (purifying offerings to the sacred fire for mental and physical well-being) in progress, by explaining the significance of all the important hymns and steps.

After purification of the atmosphere with atomized particles, from burning oblation (clarified butter and herbs), the program continued with recitation of various religious/cultural items by children. Havishkrit, of only age 5, mesmerized the audience with his strong command in three languages (Hindi, Sanskrit and English). In his presentation, he thanked the Omnipotent God for giving him an opportunity to be associated with Vedic temple, which is successfully guiding him to be a successful bright person on a righteous path. He even invited all children of Atlanta, to join him and have fun as well as learn about different cultures.

In the keynote speeches, Dr. Hariprasad explained the difference in the qualities of societies with and without the Vedic knowledge. 5000 years back, when nearly everybody had Vedic knowledge, the society was free of evils. Comparatively, now the society is burdened with evils, because they seem to have more knowledge of Alcohol than the Vedas.

Dr. Vedalankar explained in detail, that the Vedas are the oldest scriptures of the world, and contain true knowledge, as it was directly revealed by God Himself. The Vedas cover all the subjects of sciences and religion known to mankind. The Vedic religion recognizes one God, and is the only religion, where sciences and religion work together. It is the duty of everybody to read, recite and teach Vedas.

The program ended with the feast of a delicious food – courtesy of selfless service by Kathuria’s family (The owners of Ashiana Restaurant). Everybody left with a stronger determination, to come back again every year for Vedic Mahayajnyas at Greater Atlanta Vedic Temple, till the Unity, Peace, Harmony and Prosperity are achieved for all in the world.


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