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Yearly Horoscopes for 2019

Dr Prem Kumar Sharma
Dr Prem Kumar Sharma

Dr. Prem Kumar Sharma has been providing astrological content to several leading Indian newspapers, TV channels and online publications for several years now.  He is also the author of several books on astrology and Vaastu Shastra. Rated among the top five astrologers of India by, Dr Sharma has received several awards for his contributions to astrology, including the prestigious Rashtriya Jyotish Shiromani Award by the All India Achievers Conference.
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Health: The year 2019 starts with a healthy note, with the first quarter of the year promising total fitness. This is because you turn excessively health conscious and make extra efforts to keep fit. However, your excessive love for food and drinks may start taking its toll by the month of July. Some ailment or injury cannot be ruled out sometime in the last quarter of the year, so be careful. Profession: Luck and your own efforts have certainly paid dividends in 2018, as regards career advancement. The year 2019 is the year of consolidation of whatever you have achieved. Those finding grass greener on the other side of the fence may decide to switch jobs. So, expect significant changes between the months of February and July. A slight dip in performance is indicated in the month of October. Family: You uphold family values and will remain a pillar of strength to the family. On the whole, family life cruises along smoothly in 2019, but may encounter some choppy waters too! It will be important to keep in touch with those in your social circle in the third quarter of the year to help out a family youngster in achieving something important. Romance: In relationship, you continue to blow hot and cold all throughout the year. Do not allow situations of lack of trust or suspicion control your mind. Months of April and October appear to pose challenges on the romantic front. Good period for those married commences from May to August, when something significant is likely to happen.



Health: The first and the third quarter of 2019 seem a period of excellent health. This is because of your continued endeavor to attain perfect fitness. Seasonal changes and other factors may get you under the weather in the months of April, June and November, so be careful. Yoga and meditation may appeal to some and prove spiritually gratifying. Profession: There is much happening on the professional front in the year 2019. Those looking for a suitable break may get their chance after a frustrating period of two months at the beginning of the year. Business persons are advised not to transact any deals in the months of February and November, as stars appear unfavorable. Family: Solemnizing the marriage of someone eligible in the family may remain topmost on your mind in the first half of 2019. But be rest assured, good news is likely by the month of August or September. Taking up a social cause is indicated for some, which may keep them gainfully employed. Marital life will remain without problems, but stars also advise to exercise control over what you say. Romance: Paucity of time and a busy life may have direct fallout on romance in the year 2019. Those looking for love may find it, but may not be able to continue it for long. The months of June, July and August appear favorable for those romantically inclined. An overseas trip or a trip out of town with lover cannot be ruled out.



Health: The ailments that afflict you presently may trouble you intermittently, but will certainly disappear by the middle of the third quarter of 2019. On the whole, no serious medical problems are foreseen, unless you become negligent. However, you need to protect yourself from minor ailments, especially in the month of July, as even minor ones can become lingering problems. Profession: If a job switch is on your mind, 2019 is the year for you. However professionally, it may prove difficult to get the best of both the worlds – a good salary and job satisfaction. Whatever you choose will go in your favor, but make the changes before the month of July, as a professionally lean period starts after that. Family: Family life appears most satisfying in the year 2019. Forming a special equation with life partner is on the cards and will help in forming stronger ties. Be careful in the months of June and July, as your personal likes and dislikes may create some misunderstanding with people in your social set-up. Helping out a family youngster is on the cards. Romance: Although you remain happy in your present relationship, but someone’s unusual interest in you may become hard to resist! This is not to say that you will stray or do anything inappropriate, but you will certainly use the opportunity to pep up your romantic life! A competitor may give you a tough time on the romantic front in the month of November.



Health: Your health remains satisfactory in the year 2019. In fact, the first four months of the year may find you in peak physical condition. You will need to watch your step in the month of July, when you may become careless about your health. However, you will recover quickly and enjoy the last five months of the year without any problems. Profession: You are passionate about what you do, so success will always be with you all throughout 2019. Multi-tasking may become your forte in creating more earning opportunities. Chance for a promotion or a coveted appointment is likely by the second quarter of the year. In all this, your hard work and efforts will be most evident. Family: An elder may become instrumental in bringing stability in the family. Newlyweds are likely to strengthen their marital bonds by making conscious efforts to draw closer to each other. Watch out for any differences that may crop up in the second half of the year but it will improve gradually. So, don’t harbor any apprehensions. Romance: For you, love is in the air for the whole of 2019! Forming a special equation with partner is indicated, which promises immense happiness and fulfillment. The eligible will manage to find a suitable mate by the third quarter of 2019. Be wary in the month of April, as someone may try to create confusion in your relationship.



Health: Health-wise the year 2019 may have its ups and downs. You will also need to take extra care in the months of March and June. However after this period, your health promises to remain free of ailments. You may begin to focus on fitness by the middle of the third quarter and take appropriate steps to remain fit. Profession: An immensely fulfilling time is foreseen on the professional front, almost all throughout 2019, that promises to keep you on the forefront in your field of expertise. Those planning to switch jobs may not do so, as they find many more benefits in their present occupation. Those planning to set up their own business should avoid the months of August and September. Family: All throughout 2019, family seems to remain sharply in your focus. You will remain poised to provide full support to a family member, who is on the threshold of something important. On the marital front, you may be blowing hot and cold intermittently due to your mood swings. However, the third quarter of the year promises pure bliss. Romance: There seems a distinct possibility that love may creep up on you, without you even realizing it in the first quarter of 2019 itself! Be careful of an outside element out to create friction in the relationship in the month of April. Newlyweds and young couples will find the third quarter to the year exceptionally blissful. Stagnation in love life can be expected in the beginning of the last quarter of the year.



Health: The year 2019 brings good news on the health front, especially for those making efforts to lead a perfectly healthy life. Since you are sensitive to seasonal changes, more precautions are advised, especially during winter and monsoon seasons. Beware of injuries or some disease in the month of July. Profession: Professional front remains excellent, except for the third quarter of 2019. During this lean period, you will need to keep your emotional nature in check, so as not to rub someone important the wrong way. Some special achievements are in store for you in the last quarter of the year. A position of authority may be acquired by some. Family: Your reputation on the social front is likely to soar during most of the first half of 2019. However, you need to check superficiality in your relations with others, as they may send wrong signals. From June onward, marital relationship may come under strain and the onus of steering it out of troubled waters will rest upon you. Romance: Romance is assured, so expect an immensely fulfilling existence in 2019. Newlyweds and young couples are likely to enjoy closeness not experienced before. Overlooking shortcomings in partner is your mantra for a satisfying relationship. Eligible may find the third quarter most favorable. November is the month to be watched out for, as it can affect your relationship.



Health: Your love for outdoors and physical activity generally keeps you fit. The year 2019 promises to keep you fit as a fiddle, but exposure to a lingering problem cannot be ruled out, especially in the month of July. End of the third quarter rings in good health and a fitter existence, as you get increasingly health conscious. Profession: You are ambitious and yearn to make your mark on the professional front. Year 2019 may prove a mixed bag in this respect, since your endeavors may not be good enough to achieve total success. Be particularly careful in the months of September and October, as some ego wars with a colleague may hamper your peace of mind. Also don’t undertake any new venture in the months of March and April. Family: Expect a good phase of family life from May to August of 2019. A love-hate relationship with someone on the social front may keep you on your toes in September. A challenging situation may develop in the months of March and April requiring you to devote extra hours in balancing work and home. Romance: Good times are foreseen in the year 2019 for those going steady for some time. Wedding bells may toll for those in a long-term relationship. A lot of travelling and leisure trips are in store for young couples. Married life will sail smoothly as spouse grows extra supportive.



Health: All issues related to health become a thing of the past, as you enjoy a good health overall. ENT related troubles may irritate some in the months of April or August. Those on the fitness trail may become insistent on eating right and exercising, and show the difference by the last quarter of the year. Profession: Opportunities for career enhancement are aplenty in the year 2019, as you enjoy an unhindered run of luck in the first two quarters on the year. Professionally, you remain a cut above the rest and attract all important assignments and projects. Watch your step in the month of October, as someone may try to work against your interests. Family: Stability on the marital front is yours for the asking, as complete understanding with life partner is achieved. Harmony prevails on the domestic front all throughout the year, strengthening familial and filial bonds. Socially, your charisma will help you in acquiring special place in the hearts of all those you come in contact with. Newlyweds may get a chance to set up a separate household. Romance: Too many love interests may prevent you from having a steady relationship in the year 2019. But instead of pitying your situation, you will enjoy the periods of brief flings! Married couples will keep their relationship alive by being available to each other and giving each other space. The months of April, June and September do not augur too well for romance, so go slow.



Health: Freedom from an ailment requiring constant monitoring is indicated by the end of the first quarter of 2019. However, you will need to exercise all precautions to prevent it from recurring. Naturopathy may appeal and may entail sacrificing the lifestyle you are used to. Nursing someone back to health is indicated. Profession: Whatever you have managed on the professional front in the year 2018, will multiply many times over to make this year one of the best professional phases of your life! A better and well paying job is in the offing for those looking for one. An overseas job is possible in the third or last quarter of the year. Promotion comes with many perks, so rejoice! Family: A vacation with your near and dear ones is indicated in the month of April or May. Your sharing and caring nature will keep the marital front in a blissful state. Those willing to settle abroad are likely to hear of the possibilities in the third quarter. Socially, you will be much in demand. Romance: It is time to focus on your love life. Don’t be indifferent to partner’s needs and desires. Those singles are likely to connect with like-minded individuals in the second quarter. Last quarter of the year may require you to resurrect a flagging love life.



Health: A balanced lifestyle promises to keep you in perfect health and fitness all throughout 2019. You will steer clear of any mental or bodily ailment and will enjoy a perfectly healthy phase, not experienced before. Taking up a sport in a serious way is indicated for some. Your positive influence and insistence will keep others around you perfectly fit. Profession: A born leader, you believe in taking the bull by the horns in professional matters. Your never-say-die attitude and the capacity to take up all kinds of challenges will endear you to superiors and make the first-half of the year 2019 good for your career. Your tendency to overdo things threatens to affect your professional reputation adversely in the month of October, so remain guarded. Family: Newly married will have to go through the pressure of starting their families. A chance to travel overseas is possible either in the beginning of the second quarter or latter half of the third quarter of the year. Steer clear of any misunderstandings in the month of October. Extended family may come and stay with you in the third quarter. Romance: Your charisma is likely to prove irresistible to someone from the opposite camp in the first or third quarter of the year 2019, so expect romance to blossom! The month of April doesn’t augur well on the marital front, as your uncompromising attitude may ruffle partner’s feathers. Eligible can expect a suitable mate to walk into their lives by the end of third quarter of the year.



Health: You remain unduly worried about health, but things will change for the good in 2019. Refuse your temptations to try shortcuts for weight loss as it may not help much. Meditation and Yoga will help you achieve mental solace. Profession: A steady build up since 2019 on the career front will come to fruition by the second month of the year. Not only will you manage to assume a position of authority on the professional front, but also take steps to further your career. Additional academic qualifications are likely to benefit in a competitive situation. Be careful of some professional reverses in October. Family: This is going to be an year to strengthen your family bond. Those staying away from their families will get many chances to visit their families. An addition in the family can be expected in the month of April or September. An elderly advice will come in handy in taking a major decision on the family front. Romance: There will be much love and caring in your current relationship that promises to grow stronger during the year 2019. Those engaged for marriage are likely to enjoy an extended courtship and get a chance to know each other better. Downplay whatever happens in the month of September on the romantic front and you will be better off.



Health: Health front may have its own sets of pluses and minuses. Problems pertaining to health may be as minor as pimples on the face to as grave as getting out of shape, but nothing more serious! Eating right and adopting an active lifestyle will need to be your fitness mantra for the year, if you want to maintain perfect health. Some work-related tensions may also manifest as bodily ills, so take steps to de-stress. Profession: The year may kick start with a loaded mind but things will eventually get better with time. Those in business need to be extra cautious with documentations. Avoid conflicts or arguments of any sort with seniors especially in the third quarter of the year. A promotion or an appraisal is also in the offing in the month of October or November. Family: Children are likely to add a feather in their cap with an achievement on the academic front. A distant relative looking for work may come and stay with you in the second quarter. A family youngster may need to be handled with patience in the months of August and September. Romance: A potent combination of good looks, inherent charm and liveliness is likely to attract people of the opposite gender, like moths to the flame! Expect 2019 to be most romantically happening. A long-term romantic relationship may culminate in wedding. Those married will succeed in keeping the embers of passion alive.


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