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Striking Moonstone with Pearls

By Meena Iyer
Roma Creations
Ph. No: 770-9043135
For questions or feedback email

Pearls, Alexandrite, Moonstone, are the birthstones for the month of June.
Pearls are considered as the gem of modesty and purity. Pearls bring good luck, money, friendship, and courage. Pearls are formed inside mollusks such as oysters and mussels. There are different types of pearls like: Natural, Cultured, Biwa, Baroque and more.

Moonstone belongs to the family of fieldspars. Moonstone brings good luck and balances the yin and yang. According to legend Moonstone will ensure abundant crops. Moonstone color ranges from white to blue, gray and peach.
Alexandrite is considered for good luck. The gem displays two colors, green by day and red in the night hence it is called emerald by day and ruby by night.

Let us combine all three qualities of the gemstone and create a project for this month. Here is a sample project in which I have combined the two qualities, gem of modesty & purity that is the pearls with the striking gem moonstone that balances the yin & yang. The result is, a beautiful necklace & earring set made with Moonstone and Pearls.

Supplies Needed:
16” teardrop shape Moonstone strand, 6 coin Pearls
1 silver Clasp , Flexible beading wire (softlex), Jumprings,chain extenders, 1 pair Ear wires, Head pins, few 2mm round silver beads, Crimping beads,
Tools needed: Round nose pliers, Flat nose plier, and Crimping tool.

String the teardrop moonstone count of 12 and then a coin pearl in a pattern to a desired length for the necklace in a flexible beading wire. To one end add the jump ring and finish it with the crimping bead and the extender chain. Similarly to the other end add a clasp and finish it with the crimping bead.

String the 2mm silver bead, coin Pearl and 4 tear drop moonstone in the head pin and loop it and fix it with the ear wires. Similarly finish the other earring also- string the beads, loop it and fix it with the ear wires.
You have finished a gorgeous beautiful jewelry piece of Moonstone and Coin Pearl. I hope you enjoyed the project.

Happy Beading and Happy Father’s Day!

Meena Iyer
Roma Creations
Ph. No: 770-9043135
For questions or feedback email


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