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Aditi Acharya Displays Bold Mudras & Dramatic Abhinaya

TAditi Anand Acharya entered the stage with grace, confidence and a wonderful presence on December 21st 2008 during her Bharathanatyam Arangetram. Aditi, who is a student of Preeti Vinayak Shah for the past several years, had rigorous training from her Guru in aspects of posture, perfection of movements, presentation and mostly abhinaya. Under Preeti’s tutelage at The Narasimha Academy of Arts, Aditi has been groomed in the Kalakshetra style of Bharathanatyam and innumerable hours of preparation by Guru and Shishya culminated in the Arangetram. 

Aditi dedicated her Arangetram to PAST Atlanta, which stands for People Against Slavery Trafficking. This is a youth created organization that raises awareness about the problem of sexual trafficking in Atlanta as Atlanta ranks as the number one city with the most number of child sex trafficking cases. As a volunteer, Aditi has helped PAST Atlanta in fundraising and outreach activities.

The stage decorated with the Nataraja statue also featured a large projected image of the deity of dance on the backdrop. Artists on the stage included Smt. Kala Subramanian on vocals, Sri. Subra Viswanathan on mrudangam, Smt. Jassotha Balasubramaniam on violin and Guru Preeti Vinayak Shah as the nattuvangist. The invocatory item, new to Atlanta, was the Prasanna Vadana Sthuthi on Lord Ganesha. A brisk Jatiswaram and Shabdam followed. 

The piece de resistance, the varnam, was set to ragam Ramapriya. This varnam has been written and composed by Guru Preeti Vinayak Shah’s grandmother, Smt. Kamakshi Kuppuswamy and choreographed by Preeti. The lyrics in Tamil were punctuated with original jatis by Preeti that were recited with precision and beautiful voice modulation by her. The dramatic stories of Mahishasuramardhini and Sati came to life before the audience with Aditi’s convincing abhinaya, body language and bold mudras. Aditi’s stamina was put to test in this item and she delivered with ease and poise. The team work of Subra on mrudangam, Preeti on nattuvangam and the perfect nritta of Aditi came together in unison throughout this 30 minute varnam.

The chief guest, James Williams, Assistant Principal of Northview High School, was introduced by Ravi Vemuri. Mr. Williams said, “When watching a graduation recital like this, I can only imagine the kind of preparation that has gone into it. Physical preparation to endure the length and intensity of the repertoire, mental preparation to take on the challenge, anxiety and expectations from the teacher, audience and family and spiritual preparation to tackle each piece that is immersed in Hindu divinity and devotion are all part of the training process. I hope that you all as the audience not only see this as an entertaining event but as an educative one as I have.”

Aditi continued with “Nadatanumanisem” in ragam Chittaranjini. Her athletic abilities, chiseled poses, and crisp footwork came through in this piece. The next padam, “Aadadhu Asangadhu vaa”, was well received with vocalist Kala Subramanian’s melodious rendition. Aditi’s subtle abhinaya as she played the role of a mother was well done.

The Arangetram ended with the famous Thillana in Dhanashree, “Geeta dhuniki.” Jassotha Balasubramanian’s opening sequence on the violin was perfect with the series of slow and graceful poses taken by Aditi. The pace of the Thillana had audience members tapping their toes and putting the Thalam all along. Mangalam in Saurashtram concluded the repertoire. 

Shyamala Acharya thanked all who made the Arangetram possible. Kala Subramanian was appreciated for her vocal presentations, Subra Viswanathan on the mrudangam was perfection, Jassotha Balasubramaniam was the ideal support on the violin and Preeti Shah kept it all together with the Thalam and nattuvangam. 

With her lissome figure, stage presence, and confidence, Aditi has a promising future in Bharathanatyam ahead of her. More information about The Narasimha Academy of Arts and Preeti Shah can be obtained at


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