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What's Cooking? Indian recipes

Share recipes and cooking tips. Every fortnight, a selected entry will be featured in What’s Cooking? and its sender crowned NRI Pulse’s Gourmet Chef. Pls. send contributions to with What’s Cooking? in the subject line.

Kitchen Classics
Nut & Sesame Seed TrufflesNut & Sesame Seed Truffles
Kova Kajji Kayalu
Bhappa DoiNut & Sesame Seed Truffles
Kova Kajji Kayalu
Bhappa Doiova Kajji Kayalu
Bhappa Doi
Opo Squash Or Doodhi Curry
Doodhi Barfi
Brussel Sprouts & Cabbage Curry
Brussels Chips
Baba Ghanouj
Beetroot Curry
Beet Leaves And Mung Dal Curry
Bitter Melon Chips
All Purpose Sambar Powder
Pakam Poories
Adai (Mixed Dals Dosa)
Aanapakayi Sweet Curry
Bagara Baingan
Minapa Sunni
Mogalai Biriyani
Neer Dosa
Bread Malpua
Kajji Kayalu (Karanji)
Bajjies with Veggetables
Alu Tikki Fingers
Quick Peach Dessert
Krispy Pakodies
Lemon Karam (hot dip)
Sweet Chaklies
Dry Meetha Paan
Papdi Beans Curry 
Green Papaya Curry
Bombay Halwa
Vermicelli & Sabudana Kheer (Payasam)
Ginger Chutney
Macaroni And Cheese
Baked Almonds With Honey
Masala Wada
Sweet Chapathi
Poornam Boorelu
Almond Barfi 
Labanga Latika
Ricotta Cheese Barfi 
Winter Melon Koot
Toor Dal Chutney from P.S. Lakshmi Rao's kitchen
Gongoora Chutney
Gongoora Soup
Key Lime Pickle
Lemon Pickle 
Murgh Mussallum
Cream Cheese Ball
Chicken Salad with Fruit
Curried Baked Fruit
Green Beans & Coconut Curry
Toor dal Soup
Matharies (Rajastani crackers)
Sapota (Chickoo) Ice cream
Avial (vegetables in yogurt-coconut sauce)
(Tamarind rice or Temple rice)
Menthi Majjiga (Cold Buttermilk Soup)
Dahi Vadas
Chili Con Queso (Mexican Cheese Dip)
Salsa (Mexican Dip)
Vankayi Perugu Pachchadi (Eggplant Yogurt Chutney)
Quick Vegetable Pickle
Broccoli Casserole
Apple Crisp 
Rava Laddu (Cream of Wheat Laddu)
Healthy Mixture (Chivda)
Poha Upma
Prasadam Or Soji Halwa
Onam Payasam (Kheer)
Undrallu (kudumulu)
Jilledu Kayalu (Sweet undrallu or kudumulu)
Mango Pickles
"Charu’ Or "Rasam’
Sweet Potato (Or Yams) Fry
Majjiga Pulusu (Butter Milk Soup)
Mint Chutney
Almond Gulab Jamuns
Mung Murukulu
Ugadi Pachadi (New Year Chutney)
Chimmili (sesame seed balls)
Black Eye Beans Dosa
Soji Upma
Pumpkin Curry (Gummidi Kayi Kura)
Stuffed Mushrooms
Sweet And Hot Diamonds (Two In One)
Atukulu (Poha) Laddu
Mysore Pak
Sweet Kachori
Lavanga Triangles
Avakayi (Mango Pickle)
Guvar Bean Patoli (Goruchikkudukayi Patoli)
Aritikayi Koora (Plantain Curry)
Narinjakayi Charu (Spicy Orange Soup)
Mung Dal & Fresh Methi Leaves Curry
Kothimeeri Chutney (Fresh Cilantro Chutney)
Black Eyed Beans Wada
Cranberry & Yam Chutney
Vegetable Tempura
White Gourd Idlies
Kitchen Classics
Kitchen Classics
Hot & Bitter Tongue Twisters
Diwali Sweets
Have a sweet Diwali & Eid!
*Bandar Laddu
*Cashew Brittle
Mango Dal &
Stuffed Eggplants with Cilantro

Try something out of the ordinary...
*Mango Dal &
Stuffed Eggplants with Cilantro
Dibba Rotti & Coconut Yogurt Chutney
It is called “dibba rotti” because of its thickness and heaviness and is very popular in some parts of Andhra Pradesh. 
*Dibba Rotti
*Coconut Yogurt Chutney
Perfect Ravva ( Soji ) Dosa 
Unlike other dosas there is no planning ahead or blending; you can have it plain or with curry and chutney. 
*Rava Dosa
Make Indian Sweets Healthier without Sacrificing the Taste
Some simple substitutions can make a dessert healthier...
Simple Dessert Recipes
Whether you are entertaining guests or just want something special for your family, you can always use a dessert recipe that is simple to prepare. 
*Carrot (Gajar) Halwa
*Tapioca Kool (Tapioca Pudding)
Hot Drinks
Make Hot Drinks at Home Instead of Going to a Coffee Shop.
*Masala Chai (Spiced Indian Tea)
*Garam Doodh (Hot Flavored Milk) 
Coconut Shrimp & Saffron Rice
Classic dishes that are quick enough for a casual meal but fancy enough to use when entertaining guests.
*Coconut Shrimp
*Saffron Rice
Golden Turmeric
Turmeric, a spice that has long been used in Indian cooking, has recently been the subject of numerous health studies. The findings suggest that turmeric has properties that are beneficial to your health...
*Potato and Ginger Lentil Soup
*Garlic Herb Butter
Quick and Delicious Dishes in 30 Minutes or Less
Introducing our new What's Cooking? columnist RAJNI HATTI.
Here are three recipes that I use all the time because they are so versatile. You can make these recipes when entertaining or if you want something quick for a weeknight dinner. Each recipe is very easy and takes less than 30 minutes to make.
*Chunky Homemade Salsa
*Easy Quesadillas
*Italian Garlic Bread
Think Inside the Wrap
Great ideas for healthy school lunch boxes and quick fix meals.
*Tomato Chicken Wrap
*Crunchy Chicken Wrap
*Cheesy Wrap
*Veggie Wraps
A Delicious New Year
Ring in the new year with these delectable delights.
*Jalapeno Poppers
*Hot Cheese Puffs
*Broccoli Quiche Recipe
*Shortbread with Dates
Christmas Cheer
Three recipes to set the mood for Christmas.
*Plum Cake
*Boiled Custard
*Hot Mulled Apple Cider
That's Corny!
Ever since the native Indians greeted Columbus with corn, the sweet cobs have been an integral part of American meals. Five delicious recipes that are sure to fare well on your dining tables.
*Corn Salad
*Corn Stuffed Peppers
*Corn Potato Cake
*Corn Cutlets 
*Indian Corn Bread
Happy Thanksgiving!
Don't miss out on a traditional Thanksgiving meal this year. Recipes to suit the Indian palate.
*Roast Chicken with Stuffing
*Spicy Sweet Potatoes
*Corn Relish
*Pumpkin Pie
A Sweet Diwali
Feast upon three delicious traditional recipes this festive season.
*Kaju Burfi
Tofuesque Magic
Tofu is rich in protein, low in fat and is cholesterol free. Use it as you please- as the main ingredient, as an added ingredient for that extra bit 
of protein, in the place of paneer, or in salads and sandwiches.
*Hot and Sour Tofu 
*Tofu Mutter
*Toasted Tofu Sandwich
Autumn Medley
Keep up with the changing seasons. Three recipes to welcome fall.
*Fall Salad 
*Fall Pasta
*Autumn Cheesecake
Spirited Cocktails
Ready to party? Create a splash this summer with these exotic, heady cocktails.
*Hawaiian Mai Tai
*White Satin 
*Blueberry Bliss
*Mango Margaritas
*Strawberry Daiquiri Punch
Exotic Indian Meal
From starters to chutney to main course to dessert- six exotic recipes for a complete Indian gastronomic experience.
*Masala Papad
*Cilantro & Mint Chutney
*Hare Chane aur Ambi ka Seekh
*Green Peas & Mushroom Curry
*Sprouts & Mushroom Rice Ring
*Apple Phirni
Cool Coffee
As the temperatures rise, nothing can rejuvenate like a tall glass of cool, delicious, creamy coffee. Five cool recipes to life your spirits this summer!
*Coffee Freeze
*Coffee Latte Shake 
*Coffee Soda
*Irish Coffee
*Chocolatey Coffee
Oodles of Vermicelli
Unlike its other pasta counterparts, vermicelli has been used in traditional Indian dishes for a long time now. Here we reproduce four delicious possibilities.
*Vermicelli Upma
*Vermicelli Cutlet
*Vermicelli Kheer
*Vermicelli Cheese Toast
Recreating with Leftovers
It only takes imagination to infuse fresh life (and form) into leftover food. Three tasty, easy recipes to clear your refrigerator of yesterday's food.
*Dal Dosas
*Tadka Rice
*Chicken Salad
Jaggery Delicacies
Enjoy the flavors of Spring with two popular traditional jaggery based sweets. 
*Puran Poli (Holige)
*Neyyappam Sweet Pancakes 


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