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Amruta Varshini Musical Night Draws Telugu Music Lovers

NRI Pulse being felicitated by Amrutha Varshini team. Jyothsna Hegde accepts the honor on behalf of NRI Pulse.


Over 600 Telugu music enthusiasts gathered in Johns Creek this Feb 18th for a “Musical Night and Anthyakshari” competition organized by Amrutha Varshini. Eleven groups of passionate participants entered the competition emceed and conducted by the energetic Venkat Chennubhotla, Phani Dokka supported by Sneha Chaturvedula and Shanthi Medicherla. The judges of the competition were Dr.Vijay Vemulapalli and Ramesh Duvvuri.

The program began with Jyothiprajwalana by Dr. Sanjeeva Reddy, Dr. P. Venugopala Rao, Narender Reddy, JC Shaker Reddy, Rajeshwar Gangasani and Bala Indurti. Dr. Sanjeeva Reddy graced the occasion as the chief guest for the event. Dr Pemmaraju Venugopala Rao was the Guest of Honor. Dr Prem Reddy and Dr. Pailla Malla Reddy were Grand and Platinum Sponsor respectively. Srini Vangimalla and Dilip Tunki from Serenity infotech management were the Title Sponsors. 

Each team consisting of five members each and aptly named after popular Telugu singers, offered fierce and friendly challenges to one another. The organizers had infused creative and innovative ideas to each of the rounds, which entertained the audience and had the contestants on the edge of their seats. One of the interesting rounds included dumb charades, asking a team member to charade the song to their teammates. Contestants were also given a word, and had to come up with 5 songs that carried the word in the opening lines of the song. 

Following 8 rounds of absorbing challenges, the team of Vinod Gandikota, Uma Jamshed, Sunitha Medharametla, Sandhya Ganti and Sujatha Eemani won the coveted FIRST place and bagged gift cards worth $500. The Runner up team of Madhavi Indurti, Sailaja Gella, Neelima Gaddamanugu, Pratima Nallagatla & Bala Indurti won gift cards worth $250. The team of Ram Durvasula, JayaSri, Sandeep Kauta, Vijaya Lanka, Kamal Satuluru was the second runner up. All participants received a participant trophy. 

The event was covered by popular NRI media representatives including Parthiv Parikh from Khabar, Jyothsna Hegde from NRI Pulse and Ravi Ponangi from India Tribune. Photography for the event was diligently managed by Sudarshan Mamiduri, who also designed the Amristha Varshini logo. Videography was sponsored by Prashant Kollipara’s Byte Graph. Amrutha Varshini group felicitated NRI Pulse, Khabar and India Tribune at this event.

Amrutha Varshini was founded on Feb 18th 2006 by Venkat Chennubhotla supported by Phani Dokka and Lakshmi Vedala. The goals of this organization are to promote Telugu literature in USA and to encourage Telugu light music. Amrutha Varshini organizes literary meets and light music concerts alternatively on a monthly schedule.

Melodious rendition of “Tenela Tetala Matalatho” by a group of kids followed dinner. Overcome by joy, Venkat’s voice faltered emotionally as he declared that the rich legacy of Amrutha Varshini has just been ascertained by the young children. 

Amrutha Varshini thanked well known community leader, Bala Indurti and his team of committed volunteers, for his able guidance and support. They also extended their thanks to Ramesh Chaparala, Ravi Kandimalla, Dr.T.Satyanarayana Reddy, Siva Gaddamanugu, Mahesh Pawar, Ramana Dodla, Sreenivas Kotlure, Gireesh Meka, Murali Sajja, Jagadeesh Cheemarla, Pavan Mandli and Ravi Singareddy, all the volunteers and supporters of this event 

Clearly the 6 hour program by Amrutha Varshini had succeeded in more ways than one, traversing many attendees back in time as they reminisced and relished the melodious evening. 

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