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Tragic Accident Leaves Young Woman In Wheelchair
Family appeals for help from Georgia community

Archana Gambiraopet


Atlanta, GA, Oct 2012: A tragic accident two years ago killed her twin sister Arpana, and left her in a wheelchair with severe spinal cord injury. But with no medical insurance, it is the love of her family and the support of the community has kept Archana Gambiraopet’s recovery going until now.

“My twin daughters came to the USA for higher studies (Masters in Chemistry). Both of them completed their masters and were soon to graduate when a devastating accident took place on Nov 12th 2010,” said Archana’s father Ravinder Gambiraopet in an email sent to this newspaper. “Arpana died the same day while Archana was left a quadriplegic. She had no sensation below the shoulder level. But over the months, with therapy, she has regained some movement in her upper arms.”

Gambiraopet and his wife Anitha have been intensively involved in the day-to-day care of their daughter, as they grieve for the one that did not make it. They have attended family training lectures and hands on training with nurses and physical therapists in order to learn how to care for Archana.

Archana and her family moved to Atlanta recently after being treated at several neuro centers in the US. The Neuro Recovery Network Program, the latest and most advanced therapy for spinal cord injury is available only at seven centers across the US and Shepherd Rehab Center, Atlanta is one among them. Archana receives therapy there three times a week, costing an average $300 a day for the treatment. The total cost of the treatment is around $55,000, which the family does not have.

Archana Gambiraopet

 Always a bright student, and despite her disabilities, Archana went on to get her master’s degree from Murray State University in Kentucky. The university has named an award after the twin sisters, the “Arpana & Archana Gambiraopet Campus Impact Award” to honor and appreciate the positive impact the twin sisters had on others at the university. Archana was the first recipient of this award for all round achievement and for having played an active role in the advancement of diversity on campus through her efforts. This award will be bestowed every year to a student who inspires and impacts others.

“They have been equally brilliant in studies and sports since their childhood,” said Gambiraopet, of his girls. “Just before the accident, Archana and Arpana assisted their research professor in preparation and publication of a text book on "Global Contamination Trends of Persistent Organic Chemicals" for which both girls received acknowledgements and laurels from the professors and the president of Murray State University for their contributions.”
“We as parents cannot imagine a more deserving honor than this. We are proud of our daughters for their perseverance and sheer hard work through which they achieved so much in their young lives.”
Archana and Arpana were also star basketball players and represented Andhra Pradesh in the National Basketball Championship and won many laurels for AP. For this, they were awarded with a title of "Twin Pearls of AP".
Gambiraopet appeals to the Georgia Indian community to help with Archana’s treatment and recovery with generous donations so that this bright young girl can go on to achieve greater things in life and live her goals.

Visit to find out how you can help or call Ravinder Gambiraopet at (270) 226-3242 or email him at

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