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Congratulations! Way To Go, Say Community Members

The entry and establishment of NRI Pulse was a welcome event for the Indian community of Atlanta. The paper fills an important void in the media mix, which magazines like Khabar cannot fill. While we serve as a features magazine, NRI Pulse fills in on the need for reporting and news from the diaspora. 
Veena Rao has established a reputation as a dedicated and responsible publisher, and has offered her readers a wonderful mix of local reporting, reputed community members as columnists, and interesting features—all of which are also duplicated on the internet, thanks to NRI Pulse’s vibrant website. 
Veena, we are proud of your achievements, and wish you the best for even more success in the coming years. May you continue to put your finger on the NRI’s Pulse!
-Parthiv N. Parekh
Khabar Magazine

It is an honor for me to bring my warmest greetings message to you and your co-workers on the occasion of the five-year commemorative issue of NRI Pulse. 
Being in media myself, I know it is no small feat to launch a newspaper and then meet the tight deadlines on a regular basis. Working at a frenzied pace, reporters and editors are bound to encounter challenges. Readers are often unaware of the hurdles they face in getting a story out in a timely manner. The secret is that there is always a level of subjectivity in the news coverage — a value judgment inherent to the process of deciding what to report and what not to report. In these 5-years of maturing, NRI Pulse has achieved a measure of fairness, quality standard, and thoughtful approach with the goal of meeting the desired results.
I would also like to take this opportunity to make some suggestions to the other partner of the media-the reader. While readers may make their case for disagreements with the media coverage, it is unrealistic to expect that a news outlet's value judgments are always going to fall in line with the readers. Additionally, diverse perspectives may be good for the readers. No one story should be treated as the final commentary of a media outlet’s competence or objectivity. Expressing an understanding of this complex reality will motivate the media to seek higher zeniths in pursuit of excellence. Complimenting good media coverage is thus essential. The reader should let the media know when they’ve done a good job. 
Congratulations NRI Pulse for a job well done and for the superlative service rendered to the Indian American community over these years and wishing you success in the years to come! Kudos!
-Subash Razdan
Owner & Producer, Namaste Bombay TV show 

NRI Pulse is a bold and informative news media for our Metro Atlanta Indian community. We are proud to have Ms. Veena Rao taking the lead for a free press and voice of the NRIs.
Congratulations on reaching the five-year milestone. Global Mall is proud to be part of NRI Pulse.
-Shiv K Aggarwal 
Owner, Global Mall

Congratulations to NRI on its 5th anniversary! After watching it first come together, and then take its first tentative steps, I now can confidently say that our NRI Pulse has firmly planted its feet in our community by reporting on diverse topics and happenings. NRI Pulse provides an invaluable service to our community by continually keeping us informed of an ever-increasing range of events. All this has been possible only because Editor Veena Rao and her team never lost faith in our community's support. And it is a mutual trust and confidence. I wish NRI Pulse a Happy 5th anniversary, and I look forward to celebrating its 10th, 25th anniversaries and so on. 
-Narender G. Reddy
Realtor & Republican Activist

Congratulations, Veena! It is great to see your passion for writing and community betterment. We wish you all the best for the coming years.
-Rajesh Jyotishi
Khabar Magazine, Shalin Financial

Hearty congratulations on reaching the 5th anniversary milestone. It’s heartening to see that over the years, NRI Pulse is growing with your team’s hard work and consistent quality writings. As the Indian-American community’s newspaper and website, you have been of great help to connect and promote our events, including the recently concluded 2nd Annual USA India Business Summit (UIBS). 
I wish you and your team a happy 5th and continued success.
-Ani Agnihotri, 
Managing Partner, USIBRC LLC
Program Chair, USA India Business Summit (UIBS) 

Please accept my heartfelt felicitations on the 5th anniversary of the monthly NRI Pulse newspaper. Georgia’s Indian and South Asian community was already well served by several monthly magazines but there was a long-felt need for a newspaper. And in stepped Veena Rao, to launch NRI Pulse newspaper as well as website. 
The initial years were not easy but genial and soft-spoken Veena Rao, with her unwavering focus, unrelenting determination, dedication, unflagging optimism and hard drive gradually overcame obstacles and made NRI Pulse newspaper and the website a household name. The newspaper’s varied content, which has clarity, credibility and variety , includes latest news from the Indian sub-continent, community news, news of interest and concern affecting the Indian diaspora; movie reviews, book reviews, cooking recipes, (P.S.Lakshmi Rao) horoscopes (Prem Kumar Sharma); spirituality (H.H.Sri Sri Ravi Shankar); fashion (Rani Sharma) etc. Same goes for the well-maintained website. The newspaper is available free of charge to the readers. It can also be read on-line on the website. It was indeed a proud moment for Veena Rao when she was recognized by the 2010 edition of the Limca Book of Records as the first Non-Resident Indian woman to edit and publish a newspaper outside India.
On a personal note, I would like to thank Veena Rao for giving me an opportunity to submit my reports on community events, movie and book reviews.
Kudos to Veena Rao her team! I hope NRI Pulse newspaper will continue to prosper and serve the community at large.
Mahadev Desai
-Writer, NRI Pulse Contributor

It has been exciting and fascinating to see the growth of NRI Pulse News paper in the past five years. I enjoy reading the paper from first page to the last page. It covers all the topics nicely with good mix of local and non-local coverage. I wish you continued success in the future.
-Sreeni R. Gangasani M.D.,FACC.
Past President, GAPI (2010)
Chief, Dept. Of Medicine,
Gwinnett Health System

NRI Pulse is a brilliant compilation of cultural, business, political, and community news, articles and events. I enjoy the quick online version but often find myself eagerly awaiting the next print version. NRI Pulse has accomplished more in 5 years what many other media entities strive for in a lifetime. Congratulations and thank you for all that you do for the community and for continually improving the quality and content to suit the needs of your readers. 
-Ritesh (Rick) Desai
Past President, Georgia Indo American Chamber of Commerce
Partner, The Saffron Group, LLC

NRI Pulse has been serving the Atlanta Indian American community well in the last five years. We are all very proud of the progress that you have made and all that you have achieved in a short period, especially in this challenging economic times. Your service is extended to all aspects of the community and all organizations and individuals who serve public interests. Keep up the good work. Congratulations and best wishes!!
-Antony Thaliath
Gandhi Foundation of USA

“Awareness nurtures intellect. A sense of belonging nutures the heart. And commitment nurtures life.” – H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
Congratulations to NRI Pulse for your success in fostering intellectual awareness and a sense of community through your commitment to serving the Indian American family! 
-Art of Living Foundation, Atlanta 

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