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Dhoop-Chaoon Group Performs At Emory


Dhoop-Chaoon, the Atlanta based Hindi theatre group presented another well received show on May 1, 2010 at Emory University's White Hall. Over 300 people attended the show.

The themes of the show was selected in a way that they don't go about preaching people but still spread awareness about language and heritage but pointing out the flaws of our society through creative ideas. Popular songs and everyday language were used and most of the people in the audience could identify with them.

The program started with glimpses of last year's program, which elaborated the fact that with each successive year, Dhoop Chaoon has blossomed as a formidable local entity. The emcees Aslam Pervez and Manju Tiwari took the program ahead by telling about Dhoop Chaoon's past and emphasizing about the group’s motto of keeping the culture alive through literature, theatre and music.

The variety show started with "Vikram Betaal" a drama based on the famous folktale "Raja ke teen kaan" enriched with the fluidity of music to catapult it into a multi-dimensional feast for the senses. In this presentation, theme or sensation was expressed through a combination of acting, song, sounds, movement, dance, and physical objects. 

"PhoolKumari Hans Padee" a play for children was geared up with lots of fun elements with great performances by the students of Natkhat Rangshaala. It viewed the whole panorama of life from a child's perspective that is to say, with innocence, perspective, sensitivity, honesty and non judgment. The third presentation was video clips from web-serial "Door ke Dhol" and nearly all of us could relate with the story depicted in it.

Bollywood Dance “Chakkar Ghoomio” (in a different style) was a break from the dramas which brought lot of beat to the feet of audiences as they started to clap with their hand while giving beat to the music. 

The next item was a big contrast to the preceding item. It was a theatrical presentation called “Zameen ke oopar waale" based on a real incident, which had a big impact on the psyche of people who are ordinarily not exposed to thought processes other than what is prevalent in their 'neck of woods'. "Harrappa House" shouldered the responsibility to echo Emory University's White Hall with peals of laughter and to bring the whole ethnic ambience to life with its scintillating performances and screen-play. It revived the feeling of belonging to a place with a great past that had great people like Kabirdas, Tulsidas, Saleem, Anarkali and PrithviRaj Chauhan as its integral part. 

With "Sureeli Behenein", the next presentation, Dhoop-Chaoon reinstated the fact that some stories never get old and can make the audiences laugh anytime. A mother's worries about three unmarried daughters lead to an unsuccessful attempt to trick an eligible bachelor only to discover later on that she herself was being tricked.

The final presentation a dance performance "Sasural Genda phool" and "Ude Jab- Jab zulfein teri" displayed the metamorphosis of love in different lovable forms as it buds, grows and matures through teens, youth and old age. It was choreographed by Tarana vij.

The program ended with a fashion show that included all participants. Program director Sandhya Bhagar delivered the vote of thanks.
In last few years, Dhoop-Chaoon has established itself in Atlanta with the reputation of touching contemporary issues with a touch of humor. This group provides entertainment to all walks of people including those who have left their country and settled in their new home or people who are born here but desire to witness the culture and traditions they hear from their parents/grandparents or read about it in the books. Through this show, Dhoop-Chaoon brings out many contemporary issues to underline the contours of our time while providing the best of entertainment. 

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