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Dr.Sreeni Gangasani-A Cardiologist With A Healing Touch And Compassionate Heart

Top: With other members of GAPI. 
Middle: L to R Dr. Soma Raju, Chairman, Care Hospitals, Mr. Rosaiah Finance Minister, Andhra Pradesh, Dr. Adisesha Reddy, APNA President and Dr. Gangasani.
Bottom: Felicitating Dr. A. Nageswar Rao Film actor(person in red shawl) at the Scholarship ceremony 7/2008.


“One cannot fail to be impressed by Dr.Sreeni Gangasani’s impeccable academic qualifications, commendable medical experience and voluntary work and leadership qualities. No wonder at the recent Georgia Association of Physicians of Indian Heritage (GAPI) annual Banquet, he was elected President-Elect. DR.Gangasani who joined GAPI in 2001 truly merits this singular honor. 

Uncomfortable with cold weather in Michigan, Dr.Ganngasani moved to Atlanta in July, 2000. .

He joined 10 members Cardiovascular Group PC, in 2000. Now it has 17 physicians and 11 physician extenders. Its main office is in Lawrenceville. The physicians go to 5 hospitals and have 8 offices. He was the first Indian in his group. Currently, there are 3 Indian physicians. Dr.Gangasani noted,” Ours is full service cardiology practice with state of the art technology with Electronic medical records, 64 slice CT scanner, first one in Gwinnett county. We have about 110 employees and accept most of the insurances and see patients from Gwinnett Community clinic with out charge.

Sreeni was born in Nagar Kurnool Town, Andhra Pradesh, India in April 1967. He attended Kurnool Medical College (APUniversity of Health Sciences) from where he graduated in 1991. His favorite subjects were Anatomy and Internal Medicine and Cardiology. Brilliant scholar Sreeni was awarded State and National Merit Scholarships. He also received Gold Medals and Merit Certificates in Pharmacology, Forensic Medicine, Social and Preventive Medicine and Internal Medicine for being a top- of- the- class student. He went on to win first place in Indian Academy of Pediatrics Quiz Competition. Later, in the U.S. he won Internal Medicine Quiz Competition as first year resident for internal residency program in 1994. He was also recognized Outstanding Resident in 1995. He went on to receive first place in 1997 for presentation (Scientific paper Award) at Annual meeting of Michigan Association of Physicians from India. 

He married Madhavi in Warangal, AP, in December 1992. Immediately thereafter, Dr.Sreeni immigrated to New Jersey, U.S. in August 1993, as he felt that he would be able to perform better in facilities which were well-equipped with state-of-the-art technology and research facilities. Within six months of his arrival, he passed USMLE exams. and did his Internal Medicine Residency (1994-1997) and Cardio Vascular diseases Fellowship(1997-2000) at William Beaumont Hospital, affiliated with Univ.of Michigan and Wayne State University. 

Despite busy schedule, Sreeni has contributed research papers to various Medical publications. He has received first place in 1997 for presentation (Scientific paper award) at Annual meeting of Michigan Association of Physicians from India. He has presented multiple papers and presentations in American college of physicians, American college of cardiology, and American heart association meetings both at state as well as at national meetings. His articles have also been published in reputed journals including Chest and New England Journal of Medicine, and Journal of Interventional Cardiology.

Imbued with a ‘Giving back to the community’ spirit, Dr.Sreeni’s compassionate heart has helped many worthy causes in both India and the U.S. In India, he has conducted a Health Fair in Hyderabad, India as secretary of APNA (Andhra Pradesh Physicians of North America) Foundation. He has donated stents and balloon catheters worth about $250,000 to hospitals and free pacemakers for needy people in Hyderabad. In the U.S. he has participated in various Health Fairs; volunteered at Gwinnett Community Clinic; and performed physical examinations for student athletes.

Besides GAPI, Dr Gangasani is an active member of many Associations. He is Secretary, APNA (Andhra Pradesh Physicians of North America); Member of TAMA (Telugu association of metro Atlanta); Vice Chief, Dept of Internal Medicine, Gwinnett Health system; Assistant Professor, Dept of Internal Medicine, Philadelphia College of osteopathic medicine; Fellow of American College of Cardiology; and on Board of directors, SAI Health Fair Inc.
His professional work and voluntary services doesn’t leave much time for sports. While at College, he played volleyball for his college team. These days he likes to watch cricket and movies.

Dr.Sreeni’s wife Madhavi is in real estate. They have two children, Nikhil and Suma, both of whom are attending Woodward Academy.

Expressing his profuse gratitude to his parents, Dr.Sreeni said that they were his true role models who worked hard all their lives in caring and supporting him in his education and in inculcating strong family values in him.
Dr.Sreeni Gangasani is a gifted physician with caring, healing hands and tender heart who strives unceasingly to help others.” In the last 9 years working as a cardiologist in Metro Atlanta I have met many nice people and cherish many wonderful experiences with them. Its heart warming to receive ‘Thank you’ notes from patients and their families. I am planning on participating in health camps/eye camps in rural parts of Andhra Pradesh whenever I can and inspire others with a ‘Can do’ spirit.        


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