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Geet- Rung Raises Funds St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

The magnificent Annual Recital by Geet-Rung School of Dance and Music enthralled the audience at the Gwinnett Performing Arts Center on the evening of May 12th. This year’s event featured performances by vocal ensembles, instrumental ensembles, dazzling Bollywood dances, and a spectacular Kathak dance-drama ‘Krishna.’ 

Geet-Rung took over ‘Tarang’ School of Music last year and this year presented the entire school’s talent in one elaborated phenomenal recital lasting over three hours. Director of the school Divya Srivastava remarks, “This year was challenging enough to synchronize the wide categories/variety that the school offers and present it in a captivating recital.”

The evening opened with ‘Krishna’ – a mesmerizing Kathak dance drama presented with the well matched backdrops in sync with the stage scene along with the narration. This musical play featured glimpses of Lord Krishna’s life at various ages from baby to adult Krishna. It began with ‘Yashoda’ swinging the baby Krishna in the ‘palna,’ the playful Krishna playing the mesmerizing flute, the naughty Krishna stealing ‘makhan,’ and then then the frolicking and romantic Krishna hiding the belongings of ‘Radha’ and other gopis and breaking their water pots. Final scene between Radha and Krishna when Radha snatches away Krishna’s flute and would not return it back to him no matter how much he pleaded but finally gives up and dances with Krishna was very well expressed by Divya. She equally gracefully played the character of ‘Yashoda’ and ‘Radha’.

The forty minute length play was brought live on stage by some forty-two students of the school in the age range 8 to 35 with intermediate and advance knowledge of Kathak. The play showcased the intricate footwork, technical pieces and wonderful expressions/acting. The script, direction, and choreography was skillfully done by talented Divya: “It took us six months for the preparation of Krishna, right from collecting the various requirements such as backdrops, props, perfect costumes and the right music which was composed by well-known artists in India. What was important was guiding the students with right expressions and timing of the play. The play ended with the video/projection of ‘making of Krishna’.” 

By the time the audience was captured in the video the stage was all set for the vocal students. The Hindustani vocal led by Debasri Dutta and Carnatic vocal led by Prasuna Vempaty presented their classical pieces full of melody enough to catch the attention of audience not understanding the language, but just the universal language of music! The vocals were accompanied by Zen Bakshi on Tabla. Next was the live presentation of Drums, Guitar and orchestra by the Instrumental students. Geet Bhargava and his teacher Jon Batt presented a Brass duet. The final instrumental piece that combined several instruments was directed by Pankaj Bhargave, the Executive and Music Director of School. 

Finally the much awaited dance performances set the stage ablaze by the dance students adorned in colorful costumes. Most of the dances revolved around the theme-word ‘Rung’ associated with ‘Geet-Rung’. The youngest students amazed the audience with their stage presence and performance. Highly praised was ‘Chilman uthegi nahin’ in off white and purple Kathak costume in Mughal style. The parents of other students ended up asking Divya if their children will be able to perform something like this next year.

There was great audience excitement as they applauded the techno dance ‘lattoo lattoo’ performed by the teenaged groups in their dazzling gold costumes. The equally enchanting Finale was a vivid presentation of parody of songs from the old era accompanied by the special appearances of characters/actors of that era.

Towards the end Divya awarded the Medals to the students who earned the highest score in their Kathak exams. She honored the teachers of the school by awarding them trophies in appreciation for their hard work and invested efforts. She also acknowledged the Manager of the school Mani Nyayapathi for not only supporting her in the preparations of the recital but for her constant support and outstanding services to the school. 

This Recital was unlike past recitals. Through this recital Geet-Rung raised funds for the Nationwide Non-Profit Organization St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. “We highly exceeded our donation goal towards St. Jude and are very proud of our students and parents for supporting the school in noble cause” says Divya. “With this we not only helped the children suffering from catastrophic diseases but helped our students learn the most precious value of life- humanity. How can they help make a difference in a child’s life. They also learned through this the other values such as sincerity, responsibility, self-confidence and team work.” 

Divya extend her vote of thanks to all volunteers involved in the show to make it a grand success. The evening was gracefully emceed by Anita Gupta. Photography, videography and backdrops were meticullously taken care by Lavanya Palaparthy. Stage Manager Namrata Dewan.The show was extensively covered by DJ Zee of Desi Web Show.

By the time the recital was over, ‘Krishna’ was the talk of the show and was on everybody’s mind. “It was a treat to watch a show that took us back to India” remarked an audience member. “This was out of the world, spectacular,” commented another. “We were thinking to discontinue the classes since it is too far for us, But we changed our decision after the recital. We are coming… no matter how long it takes to drive here.” Says one of the Drums students. “We are so glad to be a part of Geet-Rung’ says a dance student. One of the advance students remarked: “I am so happy and lucky to have a teacher like you, Ms Divya. Thanks for bringing up my talent.”

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