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Haasya Laasya Has Kannada Crowds in Splits

Fun and Food Team of Haasya Laasya- L to R Dr. Puturaya, Prof. KrishneGowda, Suresh Sheregar and B.N.Chandraiah.


Haasya Laasya, a stand up comedy show organized by Geleyara Balaga this September 6th had the Kannada crowd laughing away the night as Prof. KrishneGowda accompanied by Dr. Puthuraya entertained masses with their witty act.

Dr. Puthuraya had some light clean comedy to offer and Prof. KrishneGowda had the laughs coming through some deep underlying philosophy morphed in the form to humor that can be appreciated by people from all backgrounds.

Humor is often hidden in the simplest things we do in daily life and all one needs is keen observation and different outlook to grab a laugh out of these circumstances. Prof. KrishneGowda managed to successfully squeeze fun out of such simple day to day events such as language - the way it is used and misused, way one relates to an event depending on the occurrences based on his or her daily life, when spoken the way language can be understood or misunderstood.

Beechi (Kannada comedian) wit was also thrown in to the mix to stir up more smiles. The jokes kept pouring in as folks continued laughing not realizing that they were in fact laughing at themselves, which is probably the hardest thing to do for some of us.

Prof.KrishneGowda with his literature background also recited some Halegannada (ancient Kannada language) verses from Saahasabheema Vijayam with finesse and in the dramatic way it was meant to be recited. The organizers had also arranged for food. Complete with fun, food and clean family entertainment, the evening sure will remain in people’s minds for a long time to come.  


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