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Mahek Dance Academy’s Dazzling First Annual Dance Recital


The spectacular first annual Dance Recital of Mahek Shah’s Mahek Dance Academy was held at the IACA auditorium in Smyrna, Georgia on Saturday, May 9.

Mahek, a highly proficient dancer and choreographer, began to learn dance officially at the age of 5 and has been into the field for more than 25 years. Between 10 and 13 years of age, she choreographed and performed dance ballets that won four consecutive dance ballet competitions at the state level in Gujarat. Due to her prodigious talent, at the age of 13, she was selected as a jury member in the International Children Film Festival chaired by Mrs. Jaya Bachchan held in New Delhi. With certification from M.S.University, School of Performing Arts and Madhur Jyoti Dance Academy located in Baroda, India, Mahek is at a stage where many of her students have graduated and performed Arangetram. Her accomplishments were acknowledged and published in a chapter of a textbook issued by the Maharashtra State Board for seventh graders as a source of inspiration for them. She has also been telecasted in the TV serials "Chand Sitare" and "Sona nu Jhanjhar," broadcasted by Doordarshan. With a dual certification/diploma in a Classical Indian dance form (Bharat-Natyam), Mahek has been teaching and performing in India and
the United States since 1995.

Her specialty in dancing is not limited to Bharat Natyam, as she is equally adept in the flavors of folk and Bollywood style dancing at competitive levels. Mahek has choreographed and taught many folk dances that have been the winning attractions in the performances held in Tampa Bay Area, Florida since 1995.Many of her students have won the finals for the Boogie-Woogie dance competition organized y Sony Entertainment Television across the globe.

The Dance recital was emceed with great flair and humor by Suvang Trivedi and Ujwal Choksi (who also performed a dance). They kept the audience engaged with their amusing comments and quips during the show, which had an imaginative mix of over a dozen classical Bharat Natyam to contemporary Bollywood to fusion and folk dances to popular Bollywood hit songs, performed by Mahek Shah and over thirty of her Academy’s students.
Mahek Shah set the tone and mesmerized the audience with her dancing prowess, with her invocatory ‘Ganesh Stuti’ dance which was greeted with rousing applause. This was followed with a feast of riveting dances where Mahek and the students in multihued, shimmering costumes, facial and hair adornments, and jingling anklets,showcased their dancing skills with well coordinated and effortless moves, poise, youthful exuberance and confidence, which had the audience tapping their feet and clapping all along.Ujwal Choksi (the lone male dancer) performed with vim and vigor to the thumping ‘Dum’ song.

And icing on the cake !Mahek and the entire group brought the house down in the grand finale dance to the ever popular ‘Om Shanti’song.

Mahek’s father recounted Mahek’s passion for dancing from early age. As she showed great promise and love for dancing, they and her late grandfather, Dr.Mahendra Chokshi (respected and loved educationist and artist) gave her full support, guidance and encouragement. The family came to the Tampa Bay, Florida in 1995, where Mahek trained many students in diverse forms of dancing and also participated in Cultural events including India Festival. The family is now in Atlanta, where Mahek will continue running her Dance Academy and enriching the cultural diversity of Atlanta community. He thanked all the parents for supporting and encouraging their children in participating in the show and also in promoting Indian culture.
Mahek thanked the parents and students for their hard work and dedication in staging the Annual Show. She thanked IACA President Dr.Ananth Kamath;Surinder Bahl, Vasant Pandya and the entire Committee, saying, “without you, the Academy’s Atlanta Chapter would not have reached this milestone in presenting this first recital in a short period of just eight months”. She further thanked Mustafa Ajmeri; Darshan Shah (photography); Sandeep Savla; Sanjay Patel, and Chaitanya Bhatt for their professional help in executing the program efficiently. She also thanked the Show’s co-sponsors, Mukesh Parekh, Poonam Nath,Suresh Nadgonde,and grand sponsors, Sam Malik and Dental Smiles at Suwanee and went on to thank her family members for their overwhelming and ongoing support, guidance and encouragement.

One of the actors in Gujarati comedy,’ Family nu Fruit Salad’, Mr.Hemant Jha, complimented Mahek Dance Academy and all the participants for presenting a fabulous show. “It is not quality but teamwork and commitment that matters” he said.

Mahek and Hemant Jha proceeded to present glittering Trophies to the participants. The entire stage lit up when the beaming and elated Mahek and her students with their trophies took a bow as the audience gave a thunderous standing ovation.

Tasty snacks and drinks were served to all after the show.
Mahek Dance Academy offers training in classical Bharat Natyam dances, Bollywood style dances, Indian Folk dances and Dancercise(Fitness through dancing) at two locations in Metro Atlanta;viz.,at IACA auditorium on Sundays(9.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m.) and at Duluth , Lawrenceville, Georgia(weeknights and occasional Saturdays). The objective of the Academy is to provide a unique and nurturing environment to promulgate Indian culture through dance and music.For more information, please visit 

Mahek Dance Academy’s first Annual Dance Recital is a testimony to Mahek’s dancing talent as well as to her teaching skills, drive, dedication and commitment. The love and affection that she has gathered from her students and their parents over the years is the single most motivating factor in her pursuing her passion in this challenging world. This recital undoubtedly heralds a rich promise for the future.


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