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NKK Hosts Team Vyoma In Atlanta For Aero-Design Contest


Team Vyoma, comprising of engineering professionals and students from R V College of Engineering, Bangalore, India was in Atlanta to participate in an international aero-design contest conducted Lockheed Martin / SAE Aero Design 2012 competition, hosted by The Academy of Model Aeronautics sanctioned Georgia Model Aviators or GMA on 27, 28 and 29th, this April. Team Vyoma works on research and development of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). Nrupathunga Kannada Koota (NKK) took the initiative to find accommodation and provide food and transportation for all 26 team members of Vyoma, during their entire visit.

The contest is an aircraft research, design, build, defend and fly competition between international collegiate teams. Different countries such as Canada, China, Poland, India, Venezuela, Brazil, Turkey, and the USA were represented at the competition. World class organizations such as Lockheed Martin, SAE International, Autodesk, & FAI Materials also participated at the event. Teams and their advisers arrive with written papers and present the aircraft. Industry experts hear the papers presented and the aircrafts pass careful inspection and final preparations are made. First flights, then additional flights adding weight prove design theories or crashes occur. Flight becomes more challenging as each gram is added.

This is the 26th year of the Aero Design competition. There are three classes of team competition - Regular Class requires proving fundamental understanding of flight, Micro Class which is all electric and requires trade-off between carrying the highest payload fraction possible at the lowest empty weight possible and Advanced Class that requires teams to integrate aeronautical, mechanical, electrical, computer sciences and engineering disciplines. Broken aircraft are allowed to be repaired for teams to advance in the competition, and in fact encouraged.

Day 1 of the competition included Aircraft Presentations and Technical Inspections at the Lanier Tech Conference Center in Forsyth County. Flight operations begin with proof of flight, and lift on.
Day 2 at GMA Airfield. Flight and lift competition for finishing rounds on Day 3 at GMA Field determine which team’s design lifted the most. Noon time air show included Giant Scale Turbine Jet Demonstration, Giant Scale Warbird Demonstration and Nationally Ranked Creek View High School Rocketry Team Demonstration and the Awards Ceremony wrapped up the proceedings. 

Overall, 75 Teams from all classes- Micro, regular, advanced, participated in the competition . Team Vyoma participated in the micro class and had to compete with 26 teams, in the same category and obtained 7th place this year. In addition they also secured System engineering award from NASA. Team Vyoma’s previous record includes 18th out of 40 in 2008, 20th out of 45in 2009, 8th out of 25 in 2011.

Team Vyoma in Atlanta included Mruthunjaya Jali, Kiran Doddigarla (already graduated) Shahanawaz Sagar, Mughilan T R, Deepak Madhyastha, Naveen K S (Final yearstudents), Akhilesh Hiregoudar, Abhjieet madhukumar(3rd year students), Adarsh Sagar, Nithan RAJ, B S Prateek, Mayank Chetan, Mrinal Pai, Sheik Mohammed Shakib, Ramnath Shenoy, Anirudh Shenoy(2nd year students).

“We are very thankful to NKK and its members for taking care of us, as if we were their own kids”, Shahanawaz Sagar, Team Vyoma member quoted. The team was also excited about the 7th place they had secured. Youngsters from different countries and backgrounds competing on an international platform are surely representative of a global world with no boundaries. NKK joins us in wishing them all soaring success in all their endeavors. 

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