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USHA Hosts Reception For Author Of ‘Breaking India’, Rajiv Malhotra

L to R: Dean Vengroff; Dr. Nina Morgan, Dr May Gao, Viren Mayani and Patrick Santillo.


The United States Hindu Alliance (USHA) hosted a warm reception for eminent scholar, and compelling speaker, Rajiv Malhotra, author of the book, ‘Breaking India’. The reception was held at the Ashiana Restaurant, at the Global Mall on Friday, April 22. The event was attended by leading members of the Indian-American community representing the corporate world, religious and cultural organizations and academia.

Dr. Sujatha Reddy, Treasurer of USHA welcomed all and introduced the event’s emcee Sneha Mehta, who is the South East Regional Coordinator for World Hindu Council of America.

Mehta requested Shri Krishna Chandran to recite the Bhojana Mantra, after which every one sat down to a delectable dinner.

After dinner, Snehaben introduced Dr. Krishna Kirti Das, the President of Samprajna Institute, He has been a missionary activist for Hindu cause and an active member of ISCKON for the past 22 years and contributes his writings to Huffington Post. He said that after reading brilliant philosopher of the 20th Century, Samuel Huntington’s seminal book,’ Who we are’, which deals with the challenges to America’s national identity, he was skeptical, “how can the West be a threat to Indian civilization, when the West itself is declining”, but after reading Malhotra’s ‘Breaking India’, he was able to connect the dots and was convinced that powerful external forces could influence internal separatist forces to pose a real threat to India’s civilization.”
In his brief introduction of the author Malhotra, Dr.Basant Tariyal said," Rajivji is one of the leading Hindu intellectuals in the world. He has a sharp intellect and an ability to express his thoughts in an orderly and intelligible way. His career has spanned the corporate world as a senior executive, strategic consultant and successful entrepreneur in the IT and media industries. He is the Founder and President of Infinity Foundation in New Jersey, which seeks to foster a better global understanding of Indian civilization. He is well known as a speaker and writer for a wide audience, and is frequently interviewed and invited to deliver keynote addresses. 

In his keynote address, Malhotra said that in 1990s he met with an African-American scholar at Princeton University who casually told him that he had returned from a trip to India, where he was working with the ‘Afro-Dalit project’. 

This project purports to paint Dalits as the ‘Blacks ‘of India and non-Dalits as India’s ‘Whites’, and attempts to empower Dalits by casting them as victims at the hands of a different race. He had a map of India broken into various ‘stans’, like Dravidistan, Dalitstan, Mughalistan etc.(This map is on the front cover of ‘Breaking India’book).There is also a website called Under garb of human rights and education, there is a huge campaign to create a divisive identity-an identity of victimhood. Malhotra decided to follow the trail and find out about sponsors, trustees, fund-providers, websites, links, etc. of such organizations who run India programs and the people behind them. In most of the cases, data was easily available. He was able to sift through the voluminous data with the help of Tamil Nadu- based, co-author of ‘Breaking India’ Aravindan Neelakandan. He listed about a hundred individuals and institutional organizations He monitored their seminars, conferences, workshops and publications. 

“What I found out should sound the alarm bell for every Indian concerned about our national integrity. India is the prime target of a huge enterprise, devoted to creating a separatist identity, history and even religion for the vulnerable sections of India. The nexus includes church groups, government bodies, private foundations, think tanks and academics, their activities are well coordinated and well-funded from the US and Europe. There are now a growing number of Indian individuals and NGOs who have joined them, and receive funding and mentorship from the West.” 

The manufactured divisiveness has resulted into civil wars in Sri Lanka and Rwanda. (Hutu and Tutsi correspond to our Aryans and Dravidians). Malhotra spoke about the Joshua Project in Denver. The goal is not conversion based on religious grounds but political. Then there is Dalit Freedom Network (DFN).’It presents a very one-sided Christian view of Dalits and produces large quantities of atrocity literature.’ There is also a huge international organization against India as a nation state, which is making allegations of racism. Malhotra also mentioned ‘Gospel for Asia’, a well-funded Texas-based Christian Missionary Organization, with a vast network in India, which has ‘started focusing on the plight of the Dalits and their plan to leave Hinduism’. He touched upon US Commission on International Religious Freedom set up to monitor religious freedom in India. Fabricated news of ill-treatment of and violence against minorities, are fed and re-cycled by the media till these unverified bits of information are accepted as facts.
He said that as far as human rights are concerned, India needs to take offensive like China and stop being apologetic. He also informed the audience that under the garb of language studies, Tamil Chairs in the US are engaging in political ideology, and study of language is study of separatism. Rajivji concluded by saying that “the goal of his book is to expand the debate about India and its future’.

Rajivji’s engaging talk was followed with a short but interesting and informative Q& A session.

“Commenting on Rajiv’s book, Dr.Tariyal said, “In his outstanding book, he convincingly and comprehensively warns about the mindset and almost synchronized activities of the main anti-Hindu groups intent on breaking India. This book mainly addresses the efforts of the forces to break India on a North and South basis, in the garb of emancipation of Dalits and peoples from the South, the so called Dravidians. Most of us do not believe in that division anymore. Nor do we accept that the people from the North have oppressed the Dalits and the people of the south”. 

Sneha Mehta appealed to the attendees to attend future USHA events and support USHA in whatever capacity they can and help bring about the change.

Gokul Kunnath commended Malhotra for writing an insightful and well-articulated book which offers a panoramic view of the problems confronting India. I appeal to everyone to join USHA and support it financially or as volunteers. USHA is open to all linguistic, religious or social groups.” 
South Asians In USA, the media network of InterConnect Media owned by Mr. Narayan Swamy a long time resident of Atlanta, is appointed as the master distributor for Breaking of India across USA. Please visit www.AdDate.Com/BreakingIndia

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