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Greater Atlanta Vedic Temple to organize
Rigved Mahayajnya for Peace & Prosperity

The world has become a unified wholesome body and no longer exists in parts. Hence, the essence of all problems including the current economic crisis gripping nations is as much an integrated one. Any effort to solve it, therefore, by isolated measures would only threaten to alienate the parts and worsen the situation. 

It is also important to understand what causes such chaos, while one would logically surmise that human greed has everything to do with this debacle. 
It is thus essential to appeal to the divinity embodied in the energy of God to absolve us of the menace. We need to beg penance and implement self righteous corrective measures so we can emerge from this mess unscathed rather than get devoured by our continued pursuance of stupefying acts or live in denial. 

With this basic purpose, Greater Atlanta Vedic Temple proposes to organize, like every year, this year’s Annual Mahayajnya (unique collective Vedic prayers to propagate world divinity). These collective prayers would be performed at Atlanta Vedic Temple on April 19th 2009 from 8 AM to 12.30 PM. This will give all participants and attendees an opportunity to appreciate how the simple process of Yajnya endeavors to bring hope by ushering in the divine energy within each and every human being so a massive trajectory correction ensues and leads to saving the world from economic collapse. With the rhythmic resounding recital of selected Vedic hymns, this mega-prayer will be conducted in the same manner as in ancient times and will truly favorably impact individual and coalesced economic uplift. The main goal of this large platform prayer meet is to strengthen synergic physical, mental, and spiritual prowess, leading to spiritual divinity. The herbal ingredients offered into the sacred fire have the capacity and power to emancipate the 'conscience' leading to noble thoughts and deeds aimed at prosperity. 

The prayers will be jointly conducted by Pandit Sahadeo Hariprasad and Acharya Vedshrami Ji. 

Pandit Sahadeo Hariprasad, a scholar & Vedic visionary is one of the founders of Arya Samaj Florida. He performs Yajnas and the sixteen sanskaars with aplomb and is versatile with shlokas, musical instruments, bhajans being blessed with a melodious voice. His spirited sermons are a treat and they draw people from far and near. He takes pride in researching and cross-referencing from a plethora of books to prepare his updesh at the Sunday morning temple services

Acharya Vedshrami a selflessly dedicated to the cause of spreading righteous awareness and adherence to Hindu ethos. He is very meticulous and aggressive in urging people to follow the ethical standards for leading a fulfilling life. His forceful study followed by equally compelling delivery of remarks on religious scriptures enable listeners to self reflect and improve. He has an influential persona with a friendly demeanor. 
To know more about the Majayajnya please contact Dhirendra Sharma at 678-581-1189 or visit     


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