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SewaUSA Celebrates Holi For 5th Year At Pincneyville Park


Even the Almighty bows before a child's stubbornness. And bow He did before the child-like defiance and resolution of Sewa Team volunteers (Rakesh, Surya, Mitesh, Nitin, Amol, Amit, Dinesh and Nagesh) for organizing the spring festival of Holi for the straight 5th year.

The Rain God relented to his children on the 20th of March and made the weather (71 F) conducive to hold Holi celebrations at the Medlock Pavilion, Pickneyville Park, Norcross.

Swimming against the tide of several other difficulties like the one about venue reservation, the kid in these volunteers made it to the target. And made it in style I must say, going by the way the people of Atlanta and surrounding areas enjoyed Holi.

As people poured in, Nitin, Arun and Gaurav welcomed them by putting colorful teekas and Bindis on their faces.

The entry and parking were free and so were the services of DJ Rudy playing bollywood numbers to which men, women and children of diversity gyrated with utmost zeal.

Our youngest and most unruly kid, Swadesh bhai pulled out the kid inside me (and many others) and made it dance so hard, that I am still nursing my overworked leg. That guy shakes some leg, I tell you :-).

People of all races were smeared with the skin-friendly and lead-free colors available on the venue and after a while,we were all just people enjoying Holi, our skin colors overshadowed by the vibrant Holi colors. For example, a Japanese lady, Nobuko, came all the way from Macon, GA just to play Holi! (we salute her enthusiasm). The group masti photos reveal the crowd's enthusiasm (350 people) better than any words can.

This event was truly a melting pot, which is the spirit of America and India.

So meticulously planned was the event that small details like ensuring that Holi was played only on the ground and not on the concrete, and to keep the bathroom away from colors etc. were adequately taken care of - thanks to the initiatives of the young blood.

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