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An Evening Of Elegant Bharata Natyam By Suhasini Muthukrishnan

Noted dancer Suhasini Muthukrishnan, an alumnus of Kalakshetra, and a disciple of legendary dance exponent, Prof.Shri. C.V.Chandrasekhar & Smt. Jaya Chandrasekhar and their daughter Smt. Manjari, performed at the Northeast Spruill Oaks Regional Library, Johns Creek on 10/30/2010.The rasikas were treated to an evening of splendid dance movements highlighting the various bhavas and mudras. The songs were aptly chosen to bring out the dancer's all round ability as a Bharata Natyam dancer. 

Suhasini started the evening with her own choreographed item called “pushpanjali” in Ragham Gambira Nattai set to thalam Adhi. giving a sprightly beginning to her performance. This was followed by “Nathanai Azhaithu Vaa” in ragam Khamboji set to thalam Adhi, an elegant and a deeply moving choreography by Prof. Shri.C.V.Chandrasekhar. In this Varnam,The nayika persuades the reluctant sakhi to go to Lord Muruga and requests him to come to her immediately. 

From theVirahoth kanthitha/ lovelorn nayaki of the previous song, suhasini transformed herself into an ardent devotee of Lord Rama, for the song “Ramachandra kripalu bhaju man” by the famous poet Goswami Tulsidas, in Ragam Hamsadwani set to misra chapu. Suhasini brought out the bhakthi rasa aptly as a devotee who is committed to her lord.

Suhasini’s grace and adherence to the rules in the pure dance sequences were admirable, but it was her role play as the charming nayaki in the Javali ‘EaRa Ra Ra in ragam Kamas set to thalam Adhi’ that stole the show. . That one ‘look’ was enough to convey the dancer’s depth and maturity.

The show was concluded with the final item on Goddess Shakthi,written by the famous Tamil poet Mahakhavi Subramanya Bharathi. Suhasini energetically brought out the meaning of word "SHAKTHI "- force, power and feminine energy very aptly. The event concluded with a Q&A session with the dancer explaining the nuances of the ancient dance form including Mudras, basic dance positions and Bhavas, which highlighted her deep theoretical knowledge of the ancient dance form. The audience enjoyed the show.

In her 15+ years of dancing career, Suhasini has performed all over the world d choreographers and maestros in the field. 


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