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Atlanta Vedic Temple Holds ‘Fun & Learn’ Camp For Children

Once again AVT was ready as a playground, a home and a cultural plus Vedic school for this year’s youth summer campers. They (ages 5 to 16) came on Friday PM, dumped their sleeping bags plus personal belongings, gulped camp’s first yummy snack & rushed into learning of Bollywood dance. Tired they took their dinner, saw a movie and dutifully learnt night-time prayers plus basic knowledge on Vedas and daily Vedic duties.

Next day, they woke up early, said morning prayers and performed Yogasans plus Pranayam. After breakfast they performed Hawan, during which they learnt additional Vedic knowledge. Then they dived into fun & run for rest of the day.

Among the planned activities, they made toys from papers, painted art & craft, learnt dental-hygiene, how to enjoy life thru Art-of-living, musical beats on instrument Tablaa, and watched a puppet show on Asthma awareness. They were awed by dance-on-skate performance by one-of-their own 14 year old (Aaditya) who was an ex-national champion of India in year 2008. The evening was more hilarious with water-balloons, tug-of-war, water-slides and cricket. The fun continued in night with gathering around a camp fire and a talent show in which each one thrilled others with jokes, mimicry and music. Hesitantly, they finally went to their sleeping bags, but only after reciting their regular night-time prayers.

On the third and final day, after their regular morning prayers and Yogasans plus Pranayam, they posed for personal & group souvenir photographs. After that they presented to happy parents all their experiences of the camp. They performed Hawan and recited the Vedic summary including the daily duties of life. In closing ceremony they listened to the last advice from temple’s Acharyaji to be a good human first in all professions of life. Each one was recognized for being a great congenial camper. After final delicious lunch, they all left with happy body, mind and soul and with a strong desire to come back again in yr. 2010.


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