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Sri Kakinada Jeeyar Swamiji Visits Atlanta


Sri Swamiji, the Srivaishnava saint and philosopher was in Atlanta between May 28th and June 1st delivering spiritual discourses at the Sai Murali Banquet Hall and performing prayers and havans at the newly opened Hanuman Mandir in Alpharetta. 

Sri Swamiji popularly known as Kakinada Jeeyar has a unique background of having obtained a Masters degree in Nuclear physics from Andhra University, India and won Swamy Jnanananda Gold medal for the year 1977 and was the only research scholar awarded with CSIR fellowship that year on campus. He was Kasturi Rangacharya at the time. While a lot of other events came into play, Mathaji Jnaneswari, the spiritual Head of Santhi Ashramam was instrumental in metamorphosing Kasturi Rangacharya into Tridandi Sreeranga Ramanuja Jeeyar Swami. 

The scientist turned saint soon became Sreeman Sreebhashyam Applacharya Swamivaru Peethadhipathi (the head of monastery) of Sreemat Upanishad Siddhanta Acharya Peetham in 1995. Swamiji attributes the growth to his Acharyas (Gurus-the spiritual teachers) Sreeman Kalvapudi Saranyacharya Swamy and Sreebhashyam Appalacharya Swamy who taught him Dravidian and Sanskrit philosophies. Swamiji has established a trust named Srimath Upanishad Siddhantha Acharya Peetham in Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh, India and built an ashramam in an area of about 14 acres. Other trusts founded by Swamiji are meant for spiritual and social service. A Vedic school run by the trust has around 50 students studying Vedas while getting trained in formal education. Swamiji has done penance a couple of times and the last one we were told was for one year without food. 

At the Hanuman Mandir in Alpharetta, Swamiji gave “Mangala Sasanams”, blessing to the 7 ft long Hanuman Statue brought into Atlanta all the way from Tirupathi and also gave permission to “Hanuman Aavishkaranam”. 
Sri Swamiji has designed a unique multimedia presentation of 21 hrs shown as a serial program, gist of Upanishads, for 7 days. The essence of Upanishads is kept in a nutshell and presented to the public using today’s terminology from physics, chemistry and economics. 

The purpose of Swamiji's visit to US was to share his knowledge of Vedas and Upanishads with everyone. Through the program Swamiji teaches ways to condition the body and mind and advanced techniques of meditation which he believes will help balance the materialistic and spiritual aspects of life. During his visit to Atlanta at the Sai Murali Banquet Hall, Swamiji talked about the importance of handling today's younger generation. He emphasized the significance of to preserving our rich culture by creating awareness in the younger generation. “We must pass on cultural treasure to our next generation just like the way we take every care to inherit the properties owned by our parents and the way we pass on our possessions to our progeny” he added. Speaking of spiritual and materialistic life, Swamiji said the two were not differently placed and are always together in any human being but proportions may vary. H

e also encouraged parents to see that their children from a very early age are told about giving thanks to the Lord. He added that mother's role is very important in a child's life as she is the friend , teacher and guide to him in his formative years so whatever habits she installs in him are reflected later as ethics are inscribed on the young mind only upto an age of tweleve and most of the dos and donts are learnt only then. “The small thanks giving process ignites the spiritual aspect of the child and this conditions his mind thereby balancing his thoughts and deeds later as a result he grows into a good individual who is the base of a harmonious society. This process ultimately results in a peaceful world” he said. 

Swamiji rendered a Sankshepa Ramayana Parayanam (an abridged version of Ramayana) on the 29th of May at the Hanuman Mandir and on the 31st he performed Sri Lakshmi havanams for the economic stability and growth of the people in the country. Swamiji is currently touring more than 10 states and his on his way to UK and Ireland.

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