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Gwinnett readies for first day of school, Aug. 14 

Back-to-school activities planned for returning students 
During the week of Aug. 7-11, Gwinnett students will have the opportunity to meet their new teachers, visit classrooms, and receive information about the coming school year. In the coming weeks, local schools will share details on back-to-school activities with families. Parents also may call their local school or check their school’s Web site for the date and times of planned activities. These activities may include picking up schedules and acquiring lockers and parking spaces, meeting teachers, paying for school lunches, joining the PTA, and checking out school spirit wear. 

New students should register at their new school 
Newcomers who are registering with Gwinnett County Public Schools (GCPS) for the first time should call their local schools for details regarding registration hours, testing for placement, and procedures. Parents unsure which school their child will attend should call the GCPS Department of Planning at (678) 301-7085. Note: Current GCPS students who are moving from one grade level to another-- for instance, a rising 6th grader or a rising 9th grader-- do not need to re-register at their new middle or high school. 

Documents needed for registration: 
An official document showing proof of birth date-- Examples include an official birth certificate, a notification of birth registration, an official passport or other Immigration and Naturalization document, or other state/federal forms with date of birth. (Required for kindergarten and first grade students only.) 
A Georgia certificate of immunization— State-required shots include Hepatitis B, DPT, Polio, HIB, two MMR shots, and Chicken Pox vaccine/proof of illness. A valid Georgia Form 3231—must be completed by licensed Georgia physicians or the Health Department-- must be marked in the appropriate box with either “Complete for School Attendance” or “Date of Expiration.” By state law, a valid immunization form or exemption (for medical or religious reasons) is required for enrollment. 
Evidence of vision, hearing, and dental exams obtained in the past year—This information must be on Georgia Form #3300, completed by the health department or your physician and dentist. Letters from appropriate healthcare professionals and out-of-state certificates are acceptable, if completed within the previous 12 months and stapled to the state form. 
Proper identification of person enrolling student-- The identification may include a driver's license, a state identification card, a passport, or other official photo identification. 
Proof of residency in the attendance zone—Examples include a non-contingent sales contract, lease, or deed. A lease or deed must be accompanied by at least one utility bill (gas, water, electricity) with the same address. A contingency contract is not acceptable. Parents should call their local school if they live with a friend or family member, and need information about verifying their residency. 
Proof of custody or guardianship, if not the birth parent-- A Letter of Guardianship is required for registration. Contact Gwinnett County Probate Court to obtain guardianship information. The number is 770-822-8265. 
Academic transcript/discipline record (grades 7-12)-- Prior to admission, transfer students in grades 7-12 must provide a certified copy of their academic transcript and discipline record from their prior school or a parent/guardian must authorize release of all records from the previous school. 
The child’s social security number-- At the time of initial enrollment, school officials will request a social security number for each student, in accordance with Georgia law. However, social security numbers are not required for enrollment and no student will be denied enrollment for declining to provide his or her social security number. Parents may choose not to provide the number by signing a written waiver. A form is available from the school, or parents may provide a written objection with their signature. 

GCPS Transportation: School buses to hit the road soon 

Fast facts about GCPS transportation services 
· Operates 1,502 school buses 
· Runs 7,050 routes per day 
· Makes 40,000 stops per day 
· Drives 127,000 miles per day (more than 28 round trips to Los Angeles per day) 
· Drives 23 million miles per year 
· Transports more than 113,000 students twice a day. 

Practice runs to prepare drivers, families for first day of school 
The week of Aug. 8-11, Gwinnett school buses will run practice routes during actual drive times. The school name will be displayed on a card in the bus window to help parents identify their child’s bus. All GCPS bus drivers will run their assigned routes in the morning and afternoons, beginning Tuesday, Aug. 8, through Friday, Aug. 11. Parents should note that the practice runs on Thursday, Aug. 10, will be limited as drivers take part in back-to-school activities at the local school locations and mandatory safety training sessions. 

Extra waiting time recommended for bus riders in first week 
On the first few days of school, school officials recommend that parents have students at the bus stop approximately 15 minutes before their scheduled bus arrival. To ensure the safety of students, especially young students who are new bus riders, drivers will go through additional procedures before releasing students at their bus stops. This means that many buses may run behind schedule the first few days, especially on the afternoon routes. 

Number to call if child doesn’t get off bus-- If, for some reason, a child does not get off his or her bus at the scheduled bus stop, parents or guardians should call Transportation at 770-338-4800. 
Number to call regarding Special Education transportation questions and services-- 770-513-6881. 
Bus route and bus stop information-- Local schools provide bus schedules with route and stop information. 
Transportation alternate address form needed for service to other addresses 
All students will be picked up and dropped off at the bus stop serving their home address. Exceptions are those students who have a documented disability that requires a change, or those who have an "Alternative Address Form" on file. These forms identify alternate pickup and/or delivery (within the attending school zone) at an address designated by parents for childcare purposes. For questions on the alternate address form, call 678-226-7036. 


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