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Focus on Education For Innovation In India, China & America At Meet


Left: Dr. Jagdish Sheth, founder of ICA Institute.
Right: Reza Jafari, Managing Director, International for NeuStar, Inc. and chairman of ICA Institute.

The recently held conference on education for innovation in India, China and America discussed the evidence that innovation and ingenuity can in fact be taught, to explore the most effective educational strategies to promote these abilities, and to identify the relationship between education for innovation and national competitiveness or economic development. The conference focused their discussions on the three most populous countries and soon to be three largest economies: India, China and America about critically important issues related to higher education and its role in creating innovative societies. Most of the speakers presented papers explaining the relationship between education for innovation and national competitiveness and economic development. The conference also explored the possibilities available for international cooperation to achieve innovative societies.

A two-day global conference on "Education for Innovation in India, China and America" was held here recently at the Emory Conference Center Hotel in Atlanta. Emory University and the India, China and America Institute organized the conference. Distinguished speakers from many countries addressed the gathering. More than 100 academicians representing various universities world over besides representatives from multi national corporations and other educationists attended the conference. Several corporations, educational institutions research institutions and individuals sponsored this international conference.

The delegates also visited the Michael C. Carlos Museum at Emory University on Friday night and viewed the exhibits "Domains of Wonder: Selected Masterworks of Indian Painting." From fourteenth-century paintings of Jain saints and religious manuscripts from Gujarat to vivid paintings from Rajasthan and the Punjab hills that relate stories of Hindu gods and court ceremonies of local rulers, Domains of Wonder: Masterworks of Indian Painting is a stunning visual survey of 123 master paintings and two bound illustrated manuscripts conveying the beliefs and values of the diverse regions of India in dazzling color and rich detail. 

Jagdish N. Sheth, founder of India, China and America Institute told this reporter that the conference on education for innovation in India, China and America was one of a kind and the deliberations expressed are very important and useful.

ICA Institute is a non-profit institute with the vision of providing a sustainable, non-governmental platform to identify and drive synergies among India, China and America in the areas of emerging markets, commercial growth and alignment of policies for the benefit of a vast number of people. This is accomplished through knowledge creation and the delivery of knowledge-based services to policy makers, business executives, thought leaders and other stakeholders.


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