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Kala Sampath Lions Honor Police and Fire Fighters

Austin Prabhu, Raymond Pelletier-Broadview Police Chief, Best Police Officer Dean Savas & Best Fire Fighter-Eric Swanson both from Broadview, Stan D'Souza- compere.

Kala Sampath Lions Club celebrated its 10th Annual Holiday Party and Community Service Awards Nite at Mohr Community Hall of Forest Park. Kala Sampath Lions Club belongs to one of the 96 Lions Clubs of District 1-A, which is the Mother District of Lions Clubs International. This program was initiated with the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by God Bless America, led by Terry D’Souza, Region 3, Zone-A Chairperson of District 1-A. This was followed by invocation by Dorothy Rego. The Immediate Past District Governor and current President of Kala Sampath Lions Club Austin Prabhu welcomed the Chief Guest Past District Governor and Past Chairperson of Council of Governor’s of Illinois, Lion Georg Toft and other dignitaries of the District 1-A Cabinet and the community leaders of Broadview and Forest Park.

The participants enjoyed sumptuous dinner and deserts. All participants were all set to go after savoring the dinner for their satisfaction, for the main program of this Holiday Party. Queenie Mendonca, Secretary of the club presented a brief annual report of its community service activities. Austin Prabhu introduced the Chief Guest of the Program PDG, PCC Lion Georg Toft to the audience. He stated that Lion Toft is an unrivaled Historian of Lionism, who is well known at the District, State and International level. He said that Lion Toft has not only led several committees at District, State and International level but also is the recipient of various International Awards for his excellence and commitment to Lionistic activities like, collecting spectacles, arranging camp lions, help to University of Illinois’ Eye Research Institute and several other developmental programs throughout the State of Illinois. Toft during his tenure as District Governor had sphere headed a program of collecting eye glasses and called it as “Spectacle Sunday”. Through this program district collected 31,000 reusable eye glasses in one day and helped the needy at the international level. 

Responding to the introduction Lion Georg informed the gathering that he is very well aware of the excellent leadership and community service provided by Kala Sampath Lions. He loaded the club members for serving the lions’ motto of “We Serve” very effectively. He stated that this club during its Holiday Party is highlighting the very core principles of lionism, which was initiated by the Lions Club International as early as 1918, which is honoring and saluting unsung community “Heroes” who are serving our communities and a nation as whole. He said that during its International Convention held in Chicago in the year 1918, it adopted its official slogan “Liberty, Intelligence and Our Nation’s Safety” and led the world service organizations in appropriately and duly recognizing community’s defenders of protection and safety. He ruminated that this program is the right reflection of that service need and we are here to respect and honor our community’s unsung heroes today. He not only congratulated the Kala Sampath Lions for their efforts in safeguarding this fundamental practice but also commended the local Police Officers and Fire Fighters for their selfless service in protecting and safeguarding the interests of the community that they serve.

During his message Georg Toft surprised the audience present by presenting another honor bestowed on Austin by Lions Club International. He read the letter from the President of Lions Club International Dr. Ashok Mehta congratulating Austin’s service to the community and his excellence in leading service programs. He stated that International Board of Directors as awarded Austin with “Life Membership” pin and presented the plaque of Life Membership. Responding to this unique honor from Lions Club International Austin thanked God Almighty for granting strength and courage in fulfilling his dream of community service. 

As an integral part of this program, the Compeer of this program Stany D’Souza welcomed Chief of Police of Broadview Police Department Chief Raymond Pelletier to introduce the “Best Police Officer of 2005” awardee Officer Dean Savas to the audience. Introducing Officer Savas, Chief Pelletier stated that it’s an honor to our Department to be recognized by a service organization for its relentless efforts in safeguarding its community’s interests. He stated that they are glad to honor Officer Savas for his unconditional selfless service to their community. He said that for Officer Savas this is not just another job rather he feels that it is his responsibility to serve them. He reflected that he served his Department very well in more than a decade long of service and he currently serves as a lead officer of Tactical Response Team. Responding to the honor Officer Savas thanked his Chief for his appreciation and the Kala Sampath Lions for their recognition and prestigious community service award.

This award ceremony was followed by introduction of “Best Fire Fighter of 2005” awardee, Fire Fighter Eric Swanson by Deputy Chief of Fire, Jack Jurkowski. In his introduction Dy. Chief Marshall Jurkowski stated that for his responsibility is not limited to his shift but he stated that he comes to the Department as early as 3 AM in the morning to keep all the instruments and equipments in order, although he does not expects that from any one of his fellow staff. He stated that Fire Marshall Eric Swanson is identified as the Team Leader for the Local Fire Fighters Council in combating asthma related illnesses and accidents and its prevention activities. He stated that he recently preserved the life of a citizen who was critically ill due to asthma attack during his intervention, while that person was enrout to local hospital. In responding to this honor Fire Marshall Eirc Swanson was just overwhelmed with emotions, in receiving this distinguished recognition coupled with kind and gentle words from his boss and could just say “Thank You” for everyone present The participants of this program gave a thunderous applause to both of these awardees. 

The President of the club Austin recognized the great community service provided by the local Forest Park Police Officers and the Fire Fighters who were present at this program. He invited all the seven Officers present at the program who belonged to Village of Forest Park Police and Fire Departments for a photo session along with the awardees, their respective chiefs and PDG Georg Toft. Toft gave away the awards to the awardees and the Police and Fire Chiefs. 

This was followed by a short Dance presentation by the “Inseperable Cousins” for the tunes of “Dus Bahane”. This was performed by Angel D’Souza, Joey Mendonca, Shawn D’Souza, Travis D’Souza, Shannon D’Souza and Jason Mendonca. All the participants marveled at the cute participants’ delicate moves and a mark of appreciation gave them a thunderous applause. This dance performance was choreographed by Queenie Mendonca and co-choreographed by Gwayne Rego.

As a part of boosting public support for this program, there was raffle arranged under the leadership of Anita D’Souza, President of The Forest Lions Club. Raffle draw was convened by Atina D’Souza and Judy Toft. The participants thoroughly enjoyed the variety of prizes offered by its conveners. 

This program was concluded by presentation of Vote of Thanks by Vissia D’Souza, Membership Chairperson of the club. She thanked all the dignitaries present from the community and District Cabinet. She thanked and congratulated the awardees and their respective Departments for their excellent community service and their presence at this Holiday Party. She thanked all the club members, volunteers and the participants for their great support in the success of this program.

At the conclusion of this program participants and the awardees amused themselves in posing along with the full life size Elvis photo cut out. All the awardees had a great photo session along with their Chiefs and dignitaries present. As a last flare out of this program, participants danced until they dropped, to the tunes of Hindi and Spanish music provided by DJ Nil (Anil D’Souza). For photo album, visit:
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