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New Hindu Temple in Indiana

This weekend (Feb 4-5, 2006) was a historic time, etched in Hindus in Indiana memories forever when throngs of people steam to the Hindu Temple of Central Indiana (HTCI) for celebrating the Temple inauguration. Hindu devotees have waited patiently for this day to have Hindu temple in Indiana. For the last few years growing Hindu community has felt the need to have a Hindu Temple in Indiana. From this seed of need germinated the plan to build a fully functioning temple that would fulfill the religious obligations of worship and provide a common ground for young and old to congregate and facilitate the preservation of Hindu culture and heritage. The temple’s mission is to provide religious services, promote educational, cultural, service opportunities, and spiritual development.

Girdhar Ahuja, Chairman, HTCI said “with Lord’s blessings, our day has finally come! Five years ago, we performed Lakshmi puja to let the community know we had taken the first step toward bringing the temple from a hopeful idea to a blessed reality. While we celebrate this moment as an achievement, let us not forget that this is only the end of the beginning. The newly elected board has the goal of initiating and completing the second phase of construction. This $5 million project will include the building of the second level and sannidhis and the installation of the “moolava” deities. 

HTCI is very happy to welcome priest Shri Sandip Shastri Ji and his family to Indianapolis. Shastri Ji, whose ancestors have been priests for many generations, studied in Pune and Varanasi and the blessing of the personal guidance of His Holiness Kanchi Kamakoti Shanakaracharya. Shastri ji is fluent in several languages and is well versed in the diverse religious and cultural traditions of India. For the past decade, he has served as a priest in North American Temples.

Ceremony details are as follows: 
Saturday 8am started with Ganesha puja, Swasthi punya vachanam (Lord Varun puja) Cow puja. These are ceremonies related to purification of Devalaya and entering into new temple. 21 kalash (21 married women) participated in Kalash puja and they entered into temple at auspicious time. All devotees participated in Pakashala (kitchen) puja. We invoked Annapurna and Agni narayana in Pakashala. Sprinkled Holi water allover the temple with veda mantra chanting. Ceremony continued followed by Ashtadikpalaka, navagraha and vastu purusha invoked. Agniprathishta followed by Ganapathi homam, dikpalak homam, navagraha homam, vastu purusha homam, Sri Lamkshimi homam, followed by Maha purunahuthi, kubharadhana, mahamangala aarathi, mantra pushpanjali and theertha prasadam.

Saturday evening: Started with Veda swasthi, Sri Vishwak sena maha ganapathi aaradhana, Swastipunya Vachanam, Rakshabandhanam, Acharya Rithwik Varanam (giving officially responsibilities to priest to conduct ceremonies) Yagashala Pravesham, Khubhaaradhana, Ganapati homam, purnahuti mahamangala aarathi, mantra pushpam, Ekanta Seva, and theertha prasadam. Nrithya seva was also performed.

Sunday Morning, started with Sri Venkateshwara Suprabhatam, vishwaksena maha ganapathi puja, kumbharadhana, navagraha, Ashtadikpaalak homam, Mandapa Devatha homam, Pradhaana homam, Jeevakala uchargana homam, baliharanam, and ratha yaatra. 

After all deities arriving to Temple following pujas were performed:
Kushmandaphali, mangala aarati, chatrachamara dwaja seva. First Lord Ganesha stapanam was done, then Radha Krishna, then Shiva parvathi, then Sri Venkateshwara swamy, and Durga parameshwari. All the deities were carried to temple by Devatha sponsors. Sandip Shastri Ji, Priest did Alankaras to all deities. Prathama archana, mahamangala aarati, chaturveda seva, Nritya seva and theertha prasadam.

Deities include Sri Ganesha, Sri Shiva Parvathi, Sri Radha Krishna, Sri Venkateshwara, and Sri Durga Prameshwari. 

Temple will be open Monday – Thursday 10 AM – 12Noon; 5:30 PM - &:30 PM
Friday 10 AM – 12 Noon; 5:30 PM – 8 PM; Saturday – Sunday 9 AM – 8 PM.


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