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New York

IARC Opens Chapter in New York; Samir Chopra Elected Chairman

The New York State Indian American Republican Committee announced recently that the IARC has moved and opened a chapter in NY and under Samir Chopra’s leadership will look to grow the organization over the next several years. 
The New York State IARC , will work on a grass root level working with the State GOP and county committees to make the organization aware of the Indian American Community needs and Indian Americans aware of what the Republican Party is doing for our community.
President Bush has gallantly pushed forward relations by having Prime Minister Manmohan 

NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly with Samir Chopra

Singh at the White House and working on policies and initiatives ranging from Civilian Nuclear use, to financial & trade expansion to immigration.

This is a historic time for Indian Americans and the Republican party is bending backwards to work, welcome and satisfy Indian Americans. The NYS-IARC will push those initiatives to local politicians on behalf of Indian Americans in New York. What is most exciting is that the Second generation is actively getting involved in the political arena, and making a difference for Indian Americans overall. Last year, several dozen elected officials won and lost positions within 6,000 votes – we plan on being involved in those elections to have impact on the political landscape of America

Samir Chopra is a life long New York resident, having been an All State Wrestler. He was active in the Boy Scouts of America and an Academic Presidential Scholar. Having completed his graduate work from Emory University and working for large corporations such as the Centers for Disease Control, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Deloitte & Touche and the Chief Judge of the United States District Court – he realizes the value of working in the political arena and the strides the Republican Party is making with Indian Americans. He was formerly interviewed on CNN – Financial News on the strength of the economy given his experiences in Analysis and Forecasting. Today he sits as the National Founding Father of the First Indian American Fraternity in the United States and as a Life Long Trustee of the Hindu Center in Queens. For the first time in the US, Four New York Supreme Courts Judges has named an Indian to there Re-election Committees - he is incredibly proud and humbled to represent our community on those committees and further with the Judiciary. Mr. Chopra said, “ Our community brings a wealth of diversity, education, cultural richness and ideas to the Republican party living here as members of society. The GOP is showing their friendship by giving us the platform to discuss and exchange ideas and influence the American Political arena – we welcome there friendship, and are looking forward to a long relationship together.”

Several months back Mr. Chopra and a group of friends and attorneys who are on the Executive Committee of the NYS IARC had spearheaded a campaign against Hot 97 radio Station, as a result of a song making derogatory comments about Asians. His campaign resulted in the 15 advertisers pulling there advertising dollars for the radio show, the firing of the Office manager and an additional donation of 1,000,000 in funding for the Tsunami relief – given by corporations to show there solidarity of those afflicted by this great tragedy. 

Mr. Chopra is a proud Indian American, humbled and excited about this opportunity. Our parent’s generation has paved the way for us to earn a good lifestyle – and face the numerous difficulties of entering a new society in America. As the next generation it is really our responsibility and duty to progress on the huge amount of work and precedent our parents have done for us – to bring our community to the forefront of American Society. This is just one of the many steps that we need to take. 


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