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The New Year Promises to Bring Philadelphians A New Look
Free Personal Image Consultations for the month of January


Don’t break another New Year’s resolution, and instead get started on your new personal image for free! Renu Dalal-Jain, owner of an image improvement business Flair Consulting, has announced an offer for a free half-hour telephone consultation throughout the month of January for local Philadelphians. 

“Appearance is the most basic form of communication – how you look often defines who you are in other peoples’ eyes,” explains Renu. “Oftentimes, people don’t realize the kind of impression they are projecting. Some people know they can improve their outward appearances but do not know where to turn for help. My holiday gift to the community is to offer free consultations so people can have an idea about their image pros and cons, as well as understand exactly what my image consultation service encompasses, before making a commitment to the program.” 

Born in Gujarat and raised in Philadelphia, Dalal-Jain offers services such as analyzing and organizing your wardrobe, offering key image suggestions, and providing guidance on new purchases. She provides professional, personalized recommendations on skincare, hair care, and cosmetic products, which fit your style and budget. Additionally, she specializes in providing expert information on looking your best for specific events such as a wedding, interview, or date. 

Dalal-Jain is a graduate of The Image Maker Inc. School and a member of the Association of Image Consultants International. Before returning to her first love of fashion and style, Renu completed her graduate studies with Honors, in International Marketing, and worked in the pharmaceutical market research industry. Prior to that, Renu worked in the fashion industry in Pune, India as a model, fashion show choreographer, and clothing designer.

Renu regularly writes articles on style, fashion, and timesaving techniques, which are published in a wide variety of national magazines and websites such as Benicia News, Only Punjab, Mommy Too Magazine, and PaloWeb Australia. She also conducts seminars for men, called “Finding your Life Partner By Redefining Your Image”, which helps men to understand what a potential life partner would look for in their style and image, as well as helping them to polish their dating and social etiquette. Renu also has a weblog where friends and clients can exchange information about products, stores, fashion trends, and styles. Her blog is located at

To arrange for your free consultation or for more information, contact Renu Dalal-Jain today at (215) 432-8357 or by email at Weekday, weeknight, and weekend appointments are available and free consultations are available by telephone only. Additional information is available online at Images and interviews are available by request. Flair Consulting, 6100 City Avenue, #1516 Philadelphia, PA 19131 Phone: 215.432.8357. 


India's Rates are as low as 12 cents per minute!
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