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IARC-TX Hopes To Provide GoP Platform For Indian Americans In Texas
L to R: Suresh Shenoy, Dinkar Chheda, Virendra Mathur, Umesh Jain & Durga Agrawal.

The Indian American Republican Council of Texas has been established to provide platform for Americans of Indian origin residing in State of Texas, to work with local Republican Party organizations in the state of Texas, as well as National GOP organizations, and to participate actively at the local levels in the formulation of policies that are of importance to the State of Texas.

The board of directors of the newly formed IARC-TX includes: Chairman
Umesh (Mike) Jain, Vice Chairman Subodh Bhuchar, Secretary & Treasurer Dinkar
Chheda, Durga Agrawal, Virendra Mathur & Randhir Sinha. The board will expand soon to include area wide members.

Chairman Jain stated that “ In these times of upheaval around the world, the
Republican Party provides a steadfast vision for strong and resilient America.” Virendra
Mathur said, ” To be part of national organization in President Bush’s home state we are
very proud to be Republicans” Durga Agrawal is looking forward to work with 
Indian-Americans from all over the state. Subodh Bhuchar would like for large number
of Republican Indian American to work for the improvement of local communities.

To ensure the success of IARC-TX’s mission, its immediate goal is the establishment of a broad based grassroots community organization in the state of Texas. The focus of IARC-TX is Republican Party centric with an emphasis on fostering political involvement with the Republican Party among Americans of Indian origin in the state of Texas. In addition to the local and national Republican parties, IARC-TX will work closely with established Indian American political organizations.


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