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Movina Nagarajan: Ready To Take On The World
Meet pretty Movina Nagarajan, the talented 16-year old Georgia girl who recently won the Miss Teen India USA 2004 title at a glittering ceremony in Skokie, IL. Movina was earlier a runner-up in the Miss Teen India Georgia 2003 pageant. 
Here, the talented teen talks about her pageant experience, and what winning the crown means to her.

In the spirit of competition…
I like to perform and showcase my talents, so when my mother suggested participating in a beauty pageant, I agreed. I considered it a fun challenge, a way to meet new people, and broaden my horizons.
I joined the pageant in the spirit of competition. I was confident because I gave it my best as I planned to. When my name was announced as the winner, I felt a rush of excitement and happiness. 
I was a little nervous during the Q&A round but I prepared well and confident. Fortunately I got a question that I had a strong opinion on and was able to answer it with confidence and honesty. In the talent round, I sang 'Jaddu Hai Nasha Hai' from the movie 'Jism' which was originally sung by Shreya Goyal.

“Brains are important…while beauty is skin-deep.” 
That was my answer to the judge’s question in the Q&A. In order to win a pageant you have to have a little of everything, but I believe the actual performance is what really makes a difference in the end. 

Two Beauty Queens in the family.
My sister Meghna won the Ms India-USA 2003 title. It is an extraordinary achievement that I am very proud of. However, this is only the first step. We plan to reach better and greater heights in the future. I look forward to participating in the Miss India GA pageant in a few years.

A lot of sweat and a lot of fun…
Participating in a beauty pageant definitely is a commitment. Finding the right dresses, and perfecting your walk and talent, consumes a lot of time and effort. But on the big day, when you focus all your hard work at achieving your goal, it is nothing but pure enjoyment and fun. 

Has winning the Ms Teen India USA title changed my attitude towards life? 
Winning this title will always be a cherished experience in my life; however, I am still the same girl, ready to take on the world one step at a time. 

My current goals are academic.
Right now I plan to study hard, become the valedictorian of my school, and get into a good university. If I, however, encounter new opportunities along the way, I am more than willing to make good use of them.


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