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Shilpa Darivemula is an eighth grader at Duluth Middle School, GA. She is a member of her school's academic bowl team that won an International Competition and secured 4th place honors in a State-wide competition. She is also the secretary of the National Junior Honor Society at Duluth Middle. She is an engaging writer and has written several poems and short stories.   

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Walking in Another Personís Shoes
Diversity is the essence of humanity, says SHILPA.

"We are of course a nation of differences. Those differences don't make us weak. They're the source of our strength" -Former President Jimmy Carter
Diversity, or variety, is a gift to Humanity. It is not palpable nor is it tangible, but the richness it adds to people's lives is unattainable from any other source. Standing in the hallway at school, I see Spanish phrases colorfully adorning the walls, French letters across from it, Korean classmates talking animatedly in Korean, Muslims wearing the traditional burkas proudly, and Indians talking about the latest in the movie industry. What I see daily is taken lightly and for granted by many people. This is the age of revival of culture in America. Christianity is growing with fervor, temples and mosques are being built, classical dances and music is being taught, shopping centers from certain nationalities are being constructed, and English, as a language, is adopting many phrases from other prominent cultures. During such a revival of spirit, should we not, as humans, embrace what is being granted to us? Should we not bask in the sunlight of different cultures?

"A closed mind is a good thing to lose." People should open their eyes and their mind to the many other people and beliefs and truly comprehend the saying of "walking in another person's shoes. Schools all over the nation ought to be proud of the many people and the many traditions that are cultivated within their walls. Diversity means adding the spice and the zing to life, showing people things never before experienced, and opening their eyes and their hearts to subsume other cultures. Humanity should not only search for their own identity, but should search for the "world's identity". Who are we? The answer lies within encompassing international cultures, religions, and other people. 

Kindness and compassion is a golden law that can be found in the Bible, the Koran, the Gita, the Torah, the Three Baskets of Wisdom and many other religious books. Due to the fact that we have this universal rule, should we not all practice it together? Accepting other cultures and finding similarities more than differences can help us, starting from youth, to lead a group of universal people to end wars over religion, to end racial slurs, to end civil wars over ethnic groups, and to bridge gaps formed over many years of enmity. We are the next generation. We need to be the ones to cause changes in the world and having miscellany can help us and force humans to think differently. Instead of fighting for Israel, for Palestine, for Pakistan, for India, for America, for France, for Sudan, can we not fight together for peace for Humanity? Wars are vile and are mainly caused by misunderstandings. With the subsistence of diversity, people may be able to end wars without ever starting them. Harmony and understanding of other customs may be able to replace the abhorrence and the push for world supremacy in mankind that has been sought out for ages. Who are we trying to rule and vanquish? Other than fear, what will it cause to broil in the hearts of other countrymen, in our other brothers and sisters? The result is only hatred and anger. As humans, we should fight for the undermined, for the neglected, and for the lost to regain their ancient freedom granted equally to all of mankind. The importance of diversity is overflowing and permanent in a person's life and may increase the amount of ideas in a mind. 

Diversity and variety will help alleviate people's minds and open a bright, peaceful future. We will fight against famine, pandemics, and disease instead of opposing countries, other religions, and other people. The group exposed to diversity will lead a generation of compassion, setting an exemplary meaning to what each of the gods and founders from each religion truly wanted to bring to society. With diversity, we will not be African, Asian, Indian, Ukrainian, German, or American. We will be one; we will be Humanity. 

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