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Dr. Prem Kumar Sharma has been providing astrological content to several leading Indian newspapers, TV channels and online publications for several years now.  He is also the author of several books on astrology and Vaastu Shastra. Rated among the top five astrologers of India by, Dr Sharma has received several awards for his contributions to astrology, including the prestigious Rashtriya Jyotish Shiromani Award by the All India Achievers Conference. 
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Yearly forecast for 2012

Traveling is natural extension of pursuit of GYANA and you will travel for pleasure. You give yourself the freedom to travel into unknown territory and to explore new opportunities and possibilities. You will pick trip options from unknown to the known in precise manner throughout the year and this might help you enhance your health too. Long lasting illness might come to an end with some miraculous phenomenon during this year. The financial conditions throughout the span will be in ups and down to sum up as a normal. But, the niceties in family relations are to keep you tension free all the time. Initiatives to undertake family responsibilities will be highly appreciated and lots of great results might be followed by this. There will be multi-task to balance a variety of needs and goals. You will achieve much a gain and lots of respect. There will be demanding need to contribute energy for get going romantic life to the next step. This is a period with great gains in property business. Especially the investment might fetch and waiting for the better odds of wealth creation. This alone might be suffice to complete aim to generate great fortune. Overall itís a great time of realizations into the direction of wealth and peacemaking in life.

Lucky Months: February, June, August, December
Lucky Totka: Silver pendant in black thread


The theme of the time is Ė knowledge is the key to knocking down obstacles. You will be able to apply this thought successfully. There might arise a need to work hard to share a genuine rapport in your life of romance and it is likely to be frustrating for sometime because itís with full of questions and contrary opinions. Itís not a great time to travel but some trips will be arranged and you might get moving in a slow pace on wheels. Put your ideas to work; be bold and take the initiative. Your financial operations will be shown up as a speed-up activity. Physical appearance might get attention from the workouts and a dazzling trend sets in Ė beautifully and spontaneously. A mixed feelings spell at office where you might get unexpected appreciations and envy together. The mixed results may not allow getting the extreme peak but you are robust and progress will be smooth with ease. Sincere efforts are now called for to deal with professional matters. They might demand all your skills as well as concentration. Your thoughts could well turn to the higher plane, in a mood of profound thankfulness. The great thing for this time is that, you learn to strike a balance between efforts and joy. 

Lucky Months: January, March, October, December
Lucky Totka: Golden wristband

A doze of success is bound to set in, so think about your plans for the next. A happy influence from every direction of life makes you more energetic and gives you determination. Your desire is to have a free and unlimited life and you will make all kinds of efforts to make it possible. SUCCESS is your mantra for this year and your financial horizons will be expanded to make you feel powerful and much sought after. Luck is in favor of you, but you need to recognize your being to keep yourself away from negative thoughts. You will feel deeply connected to the people around you and people will be attracted towards you. Family and beloved ones will feature prominent in your life. There is a bit of worry factor for health and you might need to concentrate some attention on that line to make everything in-line and balanced. Possibilities of promotion and increments are highly waiting at job. Your dream to buy settlements or land may come true and frequent trips to far places may occur. You quest yields concrete dividends and leads to your advancement in material terms. There will be a balance as a whole and good life will resume for this year too. 

Lucky Months: March, September, November
Lucky Totka: Yellow silken handkerchief

It is absolutely certain that some great responsibilities will be placed upon you. You must need to learn how to market your considerable skills. Health safeguards are the key to happiness and try not to overdo. Take some rest to protect your better health. Work affairs of yours may help you to grow in confidence. Relationships with boss, co-workers will spurge a great deal and that will make you happy. Serious proposals for buying and selling properties are on the way to increase your fortune into the better side. Responsibilities and duties keep you engaged. A little extra effort and care in personal relationships is highly suggested. Your long awaited wish to spend great sum of time with family members, especially with kids will be fulfilled and vacation trips to silent places with family is plus mark for this year. Ceremonies and journeys are confidently foretold and for your hard work, matching rewards are likely to take place. You need to be loyal and appreciative and true to your love. Amidst busy life and surrounding activities, you will sense and feel inner peace and there will be a sense of getting blessed. Your quest for the inner self will proceed to the next step. You will be blessed with motivate abundance.

Lucky Months: January, April, October
Lucky Totka: White metal ring or bracelet


Your explorations to extend the range of your finance, profession and family get you to the charming life for this year. Enormous creativity, both professionally and personally, leads to an enormous amount of productivity. Everyone at office seems to appreciate your work efforts and you sense smooth going with colleagues. Superiors will be pleased with your work and rest of the people you need to deal will help you at your workplace. You will earn really good money to make all your activities entertaining and easy. You do your work with great zest and good health will remain intact throughout the year. Mind will get uplifted to the higher knowledge and the wisdom. There will be a desire for further study and research in your field. You will have to cope with the demands that your personal life asks for. There will be a realistic approach inside self for the personal love affairs but, the time is slow enough to give positive results. The family issues coming to the happy ending with the lucrative solutions inspired by the life itself. The expenses will continue like piano-la and your dream plans to invest into property might remain as a halt mode. Joyful environment at home will inspire your life to live up to the fullest. 

Lucky Months: March, October
Lucky Totka: Silver chain


The higher self is what you strive to uplift or attain. The possibilities of improvement at office widen to create good credentials for the next level. Materialistic concerns make your vision of future little obscure and you will have to put yourself dearly at the very materialistic world of finance now itself to overcome any financial burden in the future. Though it seems to you the great time to make investments but, itís better that you hold strong on your assets. There are good factors together summing up for your property evaluations in positive side. You might get faded with the pressure from family members and it is required to hold on your temper, considering the time as the best solution among all. The conflicts may probably be related to the money matter, but otherwise you will have a greater accord. You are making clever changes to comply with the time and new directions seem important to you. Marriage kind of big occasions might occur and you may succeed to convert your love affair into marriage during this year. You will be riding many horses together and avoiding health, so need to put some care on health to get even better results. The year brings you cheer moments for which you are waiting since long. 

Lucky Months: January, September, October
Lucky Totka: Semi-precious stone in a ring

Good start for every initiative is inevitable. All your concerns and areas of connectivity are energized with super flow of intentions. Your better odds will be coming true in dealing with money-related issues, home/property from real estate view and perks, promotions, increments, bonus etc. The career path will remain inclined towards the success during full year. You will be strongly committed and involved in home and family commitments and responsibilities. You are polite and respect elder ones from heart. Your wish to achieve in terms of income and lifestyle will motivate you strongly and fill you with confidence that you can achieve the targets you have set for yourself. Your plans for prosperous future are well starting with right motion. Your belief in your confidence brings you huge gains from every side of life. You are ready to fetch your personal relationships to a new height and conditions will support you. People are very important in your life and you will rightly channelize the energy from them to create better and lively relationships. If you plan to travel, make it real as it is going to benefit you in greater. Be simple and respect the universe as all success results in zero when ego appears in human being. 

Lucky Months: March, September, October, November
Lucky Totka: Peacock feather 

A year with long awaited wishes to accomplish and to secure life from within and externals - You will find yourself personable and attractive. You need to be flexible in the face of a changing situation and rest of all goes smooth and beyond your imaginations. The romantic life shakes a bit but you are a generous being to tackle the situation in correct side. Your ambitions have a good chance for success, so put all your energy behind your efforts and you will feel the difference. You will be consistent in improving the quality of your life and that of your family and beloved ones. Pending payments, taxes, insurance, deposits, will be lessening. You will make clever choices on the way to put off the challenges and hurdles. There will be some root changes that you may become witness as you will shift from your ages old opinions and stance. Your efforts start a fresh life which will fill your life with new energy and you will head towards the better prospects. Travelling will be important and smooth in your span. Your generous nature will serve you better in the relationships. You will feel as reality that you stand too high materially and emotionally.

Lucky Months: June, December
Lucky Totka: Golden pen

A lapse in judgment can take you down but new ideas will beckon you to take over any worries. Family and personal life seems dull and you will get in touch with some old friends and new emotional bonds might be re-established. It is a time to serve loved one without any self greed. While adapting to unyielding, erratic or rigid positions, you might need to find a graceful way to satisfy relationship needs. Complex situations may arise about financial resources but you will be able to maintain calm at job or business and nothing unexpected will happen. You will outline a reasonable agenda to protect your assets and travel plans may come positive. Faith and feelings of forgiveness stemming out from within self and you will become kind of more spiritual person. Professional matters may cause minor troubles but, background support returns security and stability. Your initiatives to save health will be great plus and you will own good health throughout the year. If you can continue workout on your initiatives of health, a great balance will be established. You can resolve court matters with your intellectual mind and there will be a good feeling at the end. You are enjoying the way everything happens with you.

Lucky Months: February, April, May, August
Lucky Totka: Old copper coin

The sparkle of inspiration appears to put you on the right track. Your friends will influence a lot on you and lots of support to be found for your goals and wishes. Practical decisions may lead to positive changes. You are likely to shine and others will regard you in a favorable light making you move ahead. You can put all your efforts into business and career as advancement is on the cards. You will find yourself busy in financial matters and you are keen to make your work more profitable. You will increase you personal income in the form of fixed assets. You are motivated to maintain your fitness and you will put hard efforts to do that in a right way. This will be the interactive year with lots of new happenings and changes. Beneficial meetings will win applause for your prowess in work. You did hard efforts to consolidate your position and now you feel more confident about it. Be cautious about taking risk as it may affect your smooth ongoing life. Keep your bags as you may have trips on this year. You might find courage to propose your sweetheart. A balanced year to catapult for energetic life put you in a more comfortable position.

Lucky Month: December
Lucky Totka: Pink ribbon tied in a bow 


Demand of the year is to become optimistic by all the means. A serious proposal is on the way and important work must be finished on time but, it may not be such easy to do. Try not to be dictatorial otherwise, you may undo your good things. And this should not be happen. You might get to travel often and your travel card for the year is strongest. Try to use it up to fullest to benefit other projections. Many challenges lie ahead for you to face and you will require a great energy level to pass on. The need of time is to be a great warrior to stand against the flow of happenings around you and sometimes you might feel alone to accomplish your tasks. Health might not support you all the time and that from the family might not be such inspiring. You tend to become spiritual person and want to go away from difficulties of life in order to seek bless from higher order. Job or business will pass on without much movement. You have growing realization from within self that what you want from life is more than mere materialistic gains. The flip side is mounting expenses and other worries. The real time to have a chance to look inside self is on, now.

Lucky Months: January, March
Lucky Totka: Gold guinea

The year is with many pleasant sensations and state of mind remains cool. There will be a clear demarcation into two different type of progress and yet you will find everything as linked. Your financial profile will become surged and stronger. You will earn social reputation with your sane logics into public appearances. The world of glamour no longer seems attractive for you and you will have a wish to have more family time for self satisfaction. Property related issues need to handle with smooth dexterity as it may spoil or build your entire prospects and portfolio. Far distance travelling plans must avoid in order keeping yourself risk free and home will provide you all necessary energy galore. Relationships with people, family, and friends may blossom. Personal relation seems to poise into new heights and makes you stronger about making thorough decisions for future plans. There is a need of time to control over anger and you will definitely get what you trying to achieve. More concentration required on health lines, your confidence climbs and results of hard efforts will be visible. Sharing of ideas, emotions and resources will be your best part for this year. You will feel glorified as abundant possibilities opened up in front of you to select for great life. 

Lucky Months: January, September, October
Lucky Totka: Pearl necklace

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