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Dimple K. Amleshvarwala was born in Hoboken, NJ to Gujarati parents. She is currently pursuing her Masters degree in Information Systems and has obtained a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. She likes to read, write, and learn about different cultures.
Blogging- Creativity Builder        NRIS! Do you know?
A blog is more than just a journal or diary. It is widely gaining credence as a medium for connecting and interacting,...
Blogging- What is it? Well I said the same exact thing except with a frown when I heard the word “BLOG”. My first reaction was “Ah, what?” It is probably the next best thing compared to a diary or a journal that most people tend to keep. A blog is just a piece of writing (it can be art as well) where one can express themselves in many ways. Through poetry, pictures, letters, a brief synopsis on life, one can create a blog. A blog is quite similar to a diary or journal, but these usually tend to hold experiences and occurrences of the day. But a blog is becoming a widely chosen trend. According to a report , “Blogging is changing the media world and could, I think, foment a revolution in how journalism functions in our culture”. “Blogging is using a new medium for what it is good for - connecting and interacting. Blogging is a first generation tool built on, and taking advantage of, the unique attributes of the Internet. It has been dismissed as a self-centered passing fad...and as the new model of interactive journalism, communication, and learning. ". Blogs have had the biggest contribution in the world coming together and expressing their feeling for the Tsunami event that recently occurred. The world shook and rose to help the victims of this enormous event. Many people could not speak and express themselves verbally their feelings and thoughts as to what had occurred the day after Christmas, but they were certainly able to blog and it spread. There are a couple of sites where one can store their blogs and make it public or private to selected group of people. My favorite has to be www. Given the chance, browse through it and see the multiple ways blogs are created and established via the Internet.

From my personal experiences, writing blogs have certainly tapped into my creative side. I am able to be a lot more focused and of course the usage of vocabulary has certainly changed (or shall I say increased). Because of blogging, I have become a more confident person in the way I write. Everyone is different, therefore, there is no one way of expressing ourselves. Blogging allows people to see many items in multiple perspectives. Blogging eliminates any barriers and enables people to apply their thoughts in free form. Many of us have a daily routine where we work or attend school, come home, eat dinner, watch some television, and then sleep. Most jobs contain the tedious tasks of writing business emails or long extensive code. This type of life can be rather mundane and people tend to look for new ideas. Blogging can be one. Sitting at a table with a pen and paper or in front of computer and just expressing yourself is the best way to release stress or even happiness. The one point that I love about blogging is that I am in control of my expressions. Blogging has allowed people to realize that they did have a creative side and are able to express themselves in many ways. Certainly, blogging can be considered a novel idea to making you a better, fresher person.




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